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#VintagePODcasts : Panic Stations

In the 1st #VintagePODcasts I look back at some of my fav episodes of the short lived podcast "Panic Stations" A Music based show that has aged pretty well.

As a podcaster of roughly 3 years now, I think I have recorded well 300 Episodes over a total of 8 Podcasts since I decided to pick up the microphone and start chatting shit. Since Feb 2010, I have continually recorded and honed the craft of podcasting, simply learning the ropes as I went. I would teach myself new editing tips, read up on how to make a podcast, listen to others to hear how they do it and guess the best way to release episodes to the public.

Fearne Cotton makes Radio look and sound easy! It's NOT. 
With #VintagePODcasts I want to throw up a post that contains some episodes of podcasts, that may not be the greatest sound wise, but show how through the years I have changed the way I produce a podcast, the way I talk and approach subjects as well as how well crafted a podcast sounds.
I am not saying I am a professional, but I do think a podcast has to follow a few simple rules before you can really take it on it's way to make unique and put your stamp on it.

Back in August 2012 I set up a Local Music Podcast based in Chelmsford called "Panic Stations". This Podcast I set up with friend of mine Andy Poole and we recorded LIVE and played it out like a Radio Show. Each Episode we play music from local talent in the Chelmsford and Surrounding areas and even had guests from the local music and comedy circuit sit and perform live or simply have a chat.

The Podcast was really fun to do, and if I'm honest I think it sounds better NOW than I thought it did back then. The production value was pretty good, seeing as we had several people in the room at the time. We recorded it in Andy's Living room and just about had enough room for people to sit, let along bring in Guitars and even keyboards. I think when I was recording the show I didn't realise how well myself and Andy worked together with the banter. Andy is very much involved with the local music and entertainment scene in Chelmsford, whereas I am not. Infact I think I had to try and sound as clued up as much as possible because I didn't want to sound like I was being rude. Thinking back, I think that prevented me from enjoying the show as much I wanted, even though listening back the dynamic worked out really well.

A few of my Choice Episodes are:
Ep.6 - The Panic Awards Episode?

The Reason I LOVE this episode is because we had NO guest and I remember recording this very much in a rush which made it very, very surreal. We were originally going to have a few guys in to record, but for some reason it never happened and we try our best to fill a show up with nonsense. I think this Episode, which was the half way point in the series, really shows the dynamic between myself and Andy.

Ep.8 - The Lemoncurd Kid

This Episode featured the very talented and dry witted Mark Burnside, The Lemoncurd Kid, and I enjoyed this episode because I remember recording it close to Christmas and Mark sung a great version of "White Christmas". This Episode works well with quite witty humour.

Ep.12 - Garrie Grubb

This was the Final Episode of the Podcast, even though we didn't know that at the time. In this Episode having the very funny comedian Garrie Grubb made it a joy to record and listen back to. The Three of us sat down and talked about being a stand up comedian and more. With Garrie being possibly the funniest person I've met we were able to completely go crazy and discuss anything.

So If you fancy listening to something that resembles Radio, why not give Panic Stations and #VintagePODcasts listen. I really think the show sounds good almost a year after we recorded them. You can still get them on iTunes or listen to them on Spreaker

Hopefully if you are a fan of my podcasts, or simple new to them, I thought #VintagePODcasts would be a good way to show you some of the older podcasts, that although they may not be to the greatest quality production wise, but still pretty good content wise.

What do you think of Panic Stations? We are discussing whether to bring it back in some way, shape or form.



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