Friday, 28 February 2014

London Grammar are Awesome #Fact

It is not often that I can sit here and bang on about a band/musician who I enjoy listening to, because usually my music taste is so vast that I never actually have any specific genre to stick to. I am not part of any actual musical group. 
I am not one of those hipsters who only likes bands that play indie gigs and are almost a secret. 
I am not one of those mainstream popster lovers that likes any song just because Simon Cowell says so.
I am not one of those music snobs who only likes music that is written on a the back of a fag packet and played on a one stringed banjo(!).

I consider myself a musical drifter, I have no specific area of expertise. My musical tastes can range from Oasis to Take That to David Bowie to Taylor Swift! I seriously like a song rather than the artist altogether. 
This is probably why I am not a music blogger, but you know if I had a radio show I would be playing music that bounces all over the place. I am sure if the likes of Zane Lowe saw my ipod he'd think I had some kind of musical schizophrenia! 

I am no ashamed to say that I have listened to Radio 2 regularly and turned it up in the car when a Abba/Taylor Swift/Snow Patrol/Simple Minds song comes on. I never settle for one type of genre..........BUT One band I am in love with at the moment is a band called "London Grammar"

On a recent Episode of "its NOT Soccer" Podcast I spent a fair amount of time discussing the band London Grammar and how much I love their sound. Download it here

London Grammar are a 3 piece band from.....erm London?......and they seem to be taking the music world by storm, specifically the well respected indie crowd. The main thing about London Grammar that I love is the main singer Hannah Reid. This girl has a singing voice that gives me goosebumps! simply haunting and beautiful. I have listened to their entire album straight through a few times and I still get goosebumps when I hear her dulcet, husky tones. She also looks nothing like she sounds. I used to imagine her a fuller figured, dark haired lady, but she is in fact a beautiful, petite, blonde lady. She is gorgeous!

Their version of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" is beyond amazing!

The Band are my current playlist topper. In between the pop songs and musical showtunes (yes I have them on my ipod too) I always love having some London Grammar on and still get shivers when I hear her voice.

So check them out! I fully recommend it.

Who are you listening to? Let me know

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Oscars 2014 Predictions

It's that time of year again! The OSCARS are here and months of campaigning, bribery, crying and self indulgence leads to this one night where Hollywood celebrates all that is great with the movie world.Obviously The OSCARS are pretty biased and a little bit clicky, but they are still well renowned for being prestigious and honoured.Anyway, Each year I like to make my predictions on who and what will triumph and which films will simply become losers and forgotten about.Last year I managed to get nearly all my predictions correct, so the pressure is on this year to keep it going. I will say WHO I THINK will win and WHO I WANT to win.So Here we go..

Best Picture
12 Years a Slave - Who will win
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
The Wolf of Wall Street - Who I want to win

Having seen ALL these films, I thought it would have been difficult to pick my favorite, but The Wolf of Wall Street was the one film that stuck with me the most. A Great Scorsese film that Leo excels in. Any other year I would have championed this from the start, but I feel 12 Years may steal it. Her and Philomena were close favs too.
Best Director
Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity - Who I want to win / Who will win
Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave
Alexander Payne, Nebraska
David O Russell, American Hustle
Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street

Due to the whole nature of Gravity and how it was made, I suspect the directors who voted for this category will respect and appreciate Alfonso's vision and hard work. Gravity is a film 3D has been waiting for and pioneers and new way space films will be created in the future.

Best Actor
Christian Bale, American Hustle
Bruce Dern, Nebraska
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street - Who I want to win
Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave
Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club - Who will win

Out of all the actors here, I feel Matty Mc's weight loss will win him votes. Even though I believe Leo's acting to be top notch, I am beginning to feel Leo will suffer from the same fate many big actors faced. That is not winning an oscar until it's too late. Marlon Brando being one of them.
Best Actress
Amy Adams, American Hustle
Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine - Who will win
Sandra Bullock, Gravity
Judi Dench, Philomena - Who I want to win
Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

Cate has been winning plaudits for months, so it's almost a shoe in. As for my choice, It was Amy Adams up until I saw Philomena and saw Judi Dench in a great heartbreakingly sweet role. So after that I want everyone to watch Philomena and tell me they don't want to give her a hug.
Best Supporting Actor
Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips
Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave
Jonah Hill, The Wolf of Wall Street
Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club - Who will win / Who I want to win

Although Fassbender gives a De Niro esque performance and Jonah Hill is beyond brilliant, you can't take away Jared leto's ambitious performance as a Transvestite with Aids. It's heartbreaking, pretty raw and brave. 
Best Supporting Actress
Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine
Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle - Who will win / Who I want to win
Lupita Nyong'o, 12 Years a Slave
Julia Roberts, August: Osage County
June Squibb, Nebraska

Who doesn't love Jennifer Lawrence?! She is great in this film and deserves her plaudits. Maybe she can make it two years in a row winning, and the wave she's riding I don't see it stopping.
Best Adapted Screenplay
12 Years a Slave
Before Midnight
Captain Phillips
Philomena - Who I Want to win / Who will win
The Wolf of Wall Street

Philomena has become a new favorite film of mine. The Script is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. Steve Coogans writes some witty dialogue to really bring out the best in these two characters.
Best Original Screenplay
American Hustle
Blue Jasmine
Dallas Buyers Club
Her - Who will win / Who I want to win

Another brilliantly written, surreal, obscure film. On paper it probably shouldn't work, but with Spike Jonze writing, it has that charm that only certain writers can get away with.
Best Animated Feature
The Croods
Despicable Me 2
Ernest and Celestine
Frozen - Who will win / Who I want to win
The Wind Rises

Frozen purely for the songs in that film. A back to best for Disney and catchy bloody songs I ain't afraid to admit I hum throughout the day.

And for the rest, I simply guessed as I had no idea about most of them...
Best animated short
Best cinematography
Best costume design
American Hustle
Best documentary feature
The Act of Killing
Best documentary short
The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life
Best editing
Best foreign language film
The Hunt (Denmark)
Best live action short
The Voorman Problem
Best make-up
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
Best music
Best production design
American Hustle
Best song
'Let It Go', Frozen
Best sound editing
Best sound mixing
Best visual effects
So what do you think? What are your predictions? let me know

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Who is R.A.J.E Designs?

Check me out! Years of podcasting about films and randomness and then a good year blogging about films and, well, randomness, I have built up some great connections with some interesting people. 
At the start of 2014 I put forth an aim to get the #NOTlistening brand more heard (see what I tried to do there? No? Stupid? Yes probably) and by doing this I wanted to get involved and start chatting to interesting and creative people across the podcasts and here at the blog. This includes Actors, Actresses, Directors, Singers and Models. Also This has allowed me to reach out to other cool people, such as people in the fashion world, writers, other bloggers and more. If they are interesting and creative, then I am interested in chatting.

So todays post is all about RAJE Designs. They are a new and exciting Fashion company. I was able to get in contact with Roanna from the company and ask her a few questions. So here we go.


ME: So tell me about RAJE designs. Who are you and what are you all about?

R: Well, we are R~A~J~E (Roanna, Abbie, Joey, Emily) and we are a design led, ethical fashion company with a passion for designing to flatter different body shapes and skin tones while producing in the most beautiful, least harmful way possible. This is all tied together with the desire to create progressive, inventive designs inspired by street style, the every day and our adventures. 

ME: You say your clothes are ethical. What do you mean by that ?

R: Many things! For a start our Adventure collection is all produced in London - it's entirely sweat shop-horrible-labour-exploitation free - huraah! All of our printed jersey and silk is digitally printed which is an incredibly efficient printing method that minimises waist. Out T Shirt collection is screen printed with water based inks and made in a very happy, definitely not a sweat shop factory in L.A. This is only just the beginning though, being an ethical company is a process of continued improvement  Part of our mission as R~A~J~E is to improve as many lives as possible so continued scrutiny of our production is a natural part of that. 

ME: So what Roles do all 4 of you girls hold in the company?

R - I head up communications, copy, PR, social media and press. I also collaborate with A on the print designs. 

A - A leads on print designs and manages all of the back office responsibility. She also is my chief support on the blog. 

J - J designs the garments and manages production, sizing and our processes. She contributes to the blog. 

E - E heads up online visuals and acts as our photographer. She collaborates with J on the garments and also contributes to the blog. 

ME: how was this all started? What got this ball rolling?

R: Back when we were just teenagers and students J got us all together to enter the 'Make Your Mark In Fashion' competition  We went on to become finalists, designing a collection and showing at London Fashion Week. On the back of this success we decided to do this for real, spent a couple of years developing our identity and officially launched last year! It's a non stop, ridiculously busy, mostly insane but always brilliant adventure that non of us want to stop. 

ME: You do women's clothes and unisex clothes. Are you more focused on female fashion or would you like to expand into more standalone male clothes?

R: We love both! Our womenswear collection is larger at the moment as the market for ethical is stronger in that area, however we are already planning a menswear collection just as soon we were big enough to manage it. 

ME: Explain the idea of the shape sizing system. I think a lot of women out there would love this idea.

R: While we are all devout fashionistas we also believe in the incredible good of dressing for your shape - working with your body and not against it. By simply knowing your shape, the ins and outs of dressing it we think you can unlock a much more confident, together and directional style. Body shape research has been around for a while now but it's rarely integrated into the design process, R~A~J~E pioneer using expert knowledge of body shapes along with skilled pattern cutting and print driven design to create beautiful, figure flattering pieces. 

ME: so what is the future of RAJE?

R: Bright, beautiful and one hell of an adventure. It will be collaborative, fast-paced and a challenge as we focus on raising our profile and making ethical clothing incredibly covetable. 

RAJE were lovely enough to send me a T shirt from their site. I loved it. I am a bit of a T shirt hoarder so the opportunity to get a T shirt was right up my alley.

ME: thanks for the t shirt. If I ordered a dress what size system would I fall into? will you do the same body shape system for mens clothes? ;-)

R: I would have to do a body shape consultation to tell you that! Adding menswear body shapes to the website it just one of the jobs on my todo list but for now you can amuse yourself with the womens:!body-shapes/c1e2l

Actress Petra Bryant Showcasing some of RAJE Designs Clothes.

So Thank you Roanna from RAJE for chatting to me. In the coming months we have a podcast chat lined up so we can delve more into fun chat about the company and more. 

In the meantime check their links out here:

Twitter: @RAJEdesign Instagram: @RAJEdesign Website: Blog:

Friday, 21 February 2014

Worst Dating Advice EVER! (Podcast)

The Comedy Podcast featuring Adam and Billy returns for 2014. This year expect lots of random and entertaining chat. 

It's NOT Soccer Podcast
Episode Forty Four - Worst Dating Advice EVER

2 Guys! 2 Mics! Too Much Information!

In This Episode of IT'S NOT SOCCER podcast, Its Not anything really, Adam and Billy return from the break. Back on the mics the two sit down and discuss dating! Billy gives his advice to those looking for love, in a podcast recorded over Valentines night.
WARNING: The advice in this podcast MUST NOT be taken seriously, else you will end up alone.

It's NOT Soccer Podcast is a Comedy Podcast with the mixed ramblings of Hosts Adam @BarkerPODcasts and Billy @Bilo66. Each Episode These 2 Guys sit down with 2 Microphones and give out TOO much Information.

It's NOT Soccer!........It's NOT Anything Really

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

FISH: A Hair Raising Product!

So, here at the #NOTlistening Blog you may be use to me posting "podcasts", "films" and even "fashion" related posts. Well now you can add "beauty" to that list. Well I say "Beauty" it's Men's grooming products. This post is my first (and last depending on the success) review post. I was kindly sent through some samples of a male grooming product named "Fish". I received some hair products as well as shower gel. Fish (@fishSoho) is was originally a stand alone salon in the heart of Soho,London and has since branched out into the world of cosmetic shops. I do vaguely remember seeing their brands on shelves in Boots.

So what am I supposed to do with these? How do these Blog posts work? I am not a respected beauty/fashion/person blogger. But I love a challenge and I jumped at the chance to try these out and give my honest and frank opinion. I got the products and over the course of a few weeks used them and this is what I had to say about them.

Fish Paste Putty:
As a man who hates having wild, bouffant hair, I always try to put some kind of product in it. I have pretty thick hair and some products don't do it justice. I remember back in my early teens I used to lather my hair in that cheap green jelly like gel just to keep it slick and spiky. It was the late 90's/early 00's and sonic the hedgehog meets Gareth Gates spikes was all the rage!
Anyway my hair is slightly more shorter nowadays and I sometimes like to rock a side quiff/parting thingy. I am no hair stylist, sometimes my hair decides upon it's style regardless of what I use.

The Putty was not a good match for my hair. Thats not to say it was a bad product, it was simply a bad test subject. My hair was far too thick, long and wavy to have a putty put in it. The putty struggled to maintain any shape. With shorted, maybe thinner hair it would work better. My Mop wasn't playing well with it.
So I say If you have shorter hair this will hold it perfectly. More thinner and you will have a product that works for you. For me moppy hair? I have to bypass.

The 3 Small Pots:
These 3 pots were all hair products with different uses. Again, as a non expert I simply tried and tested all three separately.
Fish Shape: This texturising cream was perfect for my hair. Not too gunky (thats a proper word!) and made my hair look....well textured. I used this tub up quickly as I used it the most. it suited my hair the best and is an obvious good choice for thick hair to gain substance(?) if that makes sense?
Fish Fingers: A Shape Defining wax that much like the putty. A bit too thick, but not so thick it didn't do a good job. I used this one wrong at first, as I applied it wet hair and it didn't attach to my hair properly. I think towel dried hair works the best for wax. The whole take a piece the shape of a pea works too. too much and it becomes stodgy. But thats my fault I think for overusing.
Stone Fish: Its a clay! I liked the clay because it was made my hair strong without being greasy or clumpy. It worked well for a while, but I found it wore out very quickly i couldn't refine it very easily as the cream. I like to play with my hair during the day because I am an idiot and this didn't help.But on the good side it wasn't greasy, none of them were.

Sport Fish Body Wash: 

Now this Hair,Face and Body Wash was superb! Just what I want in a body wash! Now don't sit there and picture me showering, because I can't help you getting too excited. (wink)
This stuff smells great! it has a kind of coconut smell to it, which is awesome, as I LOVE Bounty bars! I mean who doesn't wanna smell like a coconut?! It cleans you, smells great and you don't have to worry about using it in your hair and body. I am a man, and men want shower products that are easy to open, the flip lid works fine, and easy to squirt into your hands, yes it was easy. Simple! we are easily pleased fellas and I would recommend this product to all my mates down the gym (I don't go to the gym, but you get me).

I knew this one was a winner because even my girlfriend complimented on me after I used it. So if getting women's attention afterwards is what you want, get some I say. 

So, what else can I say? I tried and tested these products for a blog post. For me, I can honestly say I would definitely buy the shower gel without a seconds hesitation. As for the hair products I may still need some convincing as what works best on my hair. I am nearly 30 years old and I have tried many different products on my hair from Green Gel to Industrial Hairspray to fancy wax from posh salons. I still struggle to find what works best for me. My hair has a mind of it's own. So who knows?! 

Anyway, Thanks for reading. I Hope you enjoyed what I had to say, if not, then keep your views to yourself or go on reddit and start up a thread about me. Either way I don't used reddit so I won't see it.

Leave me your comments below or Tweet me @BarkerPODcasts 

*Although I was sent these products for the purpose of promotion, ALL views are my own, Nobody could be as boring as me*

#Mashion & #Meauty No.19: BRITS vs BAFTAS Red Carpet Battle

The Nineteenth (#19) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

So usually I do a simple jokey,stupid and pointless fashion review on the red carpet from recent awards events. But because I was a little bit busy this week, and the fact 3 big stylish events happened (The Brits, The Baftas and Elle style Awards) I had to try and incorporate them without doing too much. I am quite lazy at blogging so I thought I would combine at least 2 of the awards shows. I might do The Elle Awards for #Mashion post #20 as it has a different spin on things. So watch out for that one.

Right, So this week 2 big awards shows happened. One focusing on the music industry and one focusing on the film industry. The Brit Awards 2014 and The BAFTAs 2014. So with a diverse selection of celebs attending as well as a crossover of people attending I thought I would simply pit them against each other in some kind of weird Mortal Kombat style fashion-off!

Will it work? Fuck knows. But here it goes.

Fight 1: Scully VS Katy B!


So Gillian Anderson the lady who ages backwards versus the new pop star on the scene with a letter for a second name. Both look very good, I must say. Gillian looks great in the curtain style, just wrapped something around me look. Katy brings the red! I love Red and when a Ginger can embrace the red, it is eye catching. 
Finish Her: Even though Katy wins with the fierce Redness, Gillian is can't be beat. Somewhere there is a painting in an attic with an oil painting of Gillian Anderson that is getting older!. She overturns the Katy B victory due to immortality. 

Fight 2 - Fearne Cotton VS Fearne Cotton


Fearne Cotton up against both her egos! At the BAFTAs she brings out the "TV Fearne" a lady who wears gold sequinned dresses and spends hours on her hair. Looking like a glamourous star and appearing on every show on the BBC. The Other Fearne is "Hip Fearne" who is a lady who looks relaxed, easy going, a mummy and trendy. Wearing a silver dress to let "TV Fearne" she can have gold, because she has a family. The Battle between two Egos is very passive aggressive
Finish Her: Although "TV Fearne" is ambitious and career driven, it's "Hip Fearne" who is in control. But "Hip Fearne" doesn't want the victory, so she allows "TV Fearne" to win, without letting up she threw this battle. "TV Fearne" is now crying in the corner with joy.

Fight 3 - Emma Thompson VS Ellie Goulding


Two people with nothing in common, other than the same first letter of their first name. E!. Emma brings this comfort, Ice Queen, Wintery look to an elegant awards ceremony which is now a veteran. Ellie brings the youthful prom dress style look to counteract the Old and New. Ellie looks gorgeous here, and with added pockets, it's perfect to put your ipod, fags and pokemon cards away.
Finish Her: Emma uses her years of wisdom to put Ellie in her place, but just when Emma thinks she has won, Ellie stands up and and says something "Young, cool and hip" that bamboozles Emma and gives Ellie the victory. Emma looks baffled and goes home to clean her awards from yesteryear.

Fight 4 - Woman from "The Lone Ranger" VS Sara Cox


The actress lady from "The Lone Ranger" and probably loads of shows I haven't seen is up against the radio queen Sara Cox. Both bring the quirkiness to the red carpets. "Lone Ranger" lady looks amazing in the masculine style suit. Bringing some feminine quality to something a man would usually wear. Sara brings some kind of 80's glam that also looks like a Windows Screen Saver circa 1998. 
Finish Her: Sara tries to out do with the showing of her legs, but "Lone Ranger" lady elegantly get's her penis out of her trousers and wins for shock value.

Fight 5 - Cate Blanchett VS Kimberly Walsh


One is an Oscar Winning Actress. The Other is the 4th best singer from "Girls Aloud". Cate looks old school hollywood great as usual. A Beauty that only exists in the movies(?) Whilst Kymberly brings out good old fashioned English Pop Star glamour. Both representing sides of Hollywood and PopWorld. The two have no idea why they are fighting each other.
Finish Her: Both stand up to each other unwilling to throw the first punch. Kymberly offers defeat due to the fact Cate is a megastar. Cate accepts because she thinks this entire post is beneath her.

Fight 6 - Queen Mirren VS J-J-J-J-Jessie J


The Queen of stage and screen versus Essex born Loudmouthed Singer Jessie J! Both bring the glam. Helen with her usual elegance in black, and reminding everyone how much of a GILF she is, whilst Jessie J revisits the Catsuit style she used to always showcase.Jessie shows off her almost immaculate yoga style body she's spent months instagramming about.
Finish Her: Queen Mirren assumes she will win this, but Jessie brings the goods and smashes her out of the park. What a Stunner! Jessie J wins so easily, that she barely had time to instagram it.

Fight 7 - Lilly Allen VS Lilly Allen


Lilly shows up at both events giving her quirky sense of style. Not caring about adapting to the vibe of the event, she rocks up being 100% Lilly! With the BAFTAs she embraces the bright colours to stand out from the glitz and glamour.At The Brits! she dresses up like a Statue to try and remind people she is actually a music star and deserves recognition. Both look great and she looks great. Not bad for a girl who looks like her Dad.
Finish Her: Both Lilly's square up for a fight only for them to stop scrapping and head to the bar for some Tequila shots and shouting abuse at One direction for a laugh.

Fight 8 - Brangelina VS The Minogues.


Two Star powers! Both embody the envy of the world! Both look great together! Brangelina look like they turned up to the BAFTAs after a friends dinner party and couldn't be bothered to get changed. Regardless they look great as a pair. Angelina proves suits are sexy on women. The Minogues just do it for me though! Dannii and Kylie rocking the black both looking proper adorable. 
Finish Them: Brangelina think they have it in the bag and just when they are about to adopt the Minogues, the two Aussie Dynamos merge into one and become "Mega-Minogue" a Giant Being of awesomeness! She tramples on everyone and destroys Manhattan! 

So there you go! The battle ends in a bloodbath of Awesomeness from The Minogues.
What did you think? Tweet me @BarkerPODcasts or leave a comment below.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

This Blog Post is Not Famous Anymore!

Ok, I wasn't planning on writing a blog or anything about this, but recently the Actor Shia LeBeouf has been up to some really peculiar stuff as of late. For those of you that don't know who Shia LaBeouf is, well he's the guy from "Transformers 1-3, Indiana Jones 4 and other films with numbers in them".

Recently he got caught up in some kind of plagiarism scandal, where he pretty much copied a film idea or something, I am not going to pretend I know or care what happened. What I heard, was that he has been doing stuff that people say isn't original or something so he is being moaned at. Whatever, I don't care, I think calling people out on originality is a tough thing to do nowadays, BUT like I said, I don't know what happened as I haven't bothered to look in to it.

Anyway, the only reason I am writing this, is because, what I want to say takes more space than a facebook or Twitter post. Now, Shia LaBeouf has done something pretty crazy in America recently. Remember when Joaquin Phoenix did that beard growing, Letterman appearance, Rap battling thing that turned out to be part of a movie?? Yeah for that film?? Anyway, Shia has gone a bit crazy or something.

It seems, according to many reports, that he set up an ART exhibition where he sat in a room and allowed people to queue up for hours on end to see him sitting at a table, not moving, not talking and with a bag over his head for hours. Oh and the bag said "I'm not famous anymore". People were able to enter the room and sit with him and he would just sit there. He would say Nothing!
Here is a video from Screen Junkies that talked about this whole thingymajig!

So basically Shia LaBeouf would sit at a table, quietly, allowing members of the public to enter a room and sit opposite him whilst he wears a paper bag on his head reading "I'm not famous anymore". Thats it! Simple as that.
Weird innit?!

Well No! It's Art! And Art isn't just weird its pathetic. And not pathetic to Shia, but to the people who queued up to see him. Why did these people queue up to see a man sitting at a desk with a bag on his head saying "I'm not famous anymore"?
Because He is Fucking Famous!!! and people wanted to see a famous person! It is pathetic! and if anything I think Shia LaBeouf is sitting down laughing at this whole thing.

Maybe I am having a bad day, But I find this whole thing pathetic. I love creativity and expressing it, but people that say a man sitting at a table quietly for hours, as people enter and take selfies with him, is art? NO! Fuck off. Go draw a fucking picture!

What is Art? I never learnt this shit at school! Stop it!

Ok, I am done.
Thank you. I am Adam and I am Not famous Anymore!