Thursday, 20 February 2014

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FISH: A Hair Raising Product!

My First #Product #Review on @FishSoho products. What did I think of their samples?

So, here at the #NOTlistening Blog you may be use to me posting "podcasts", "films" and even "fashion" related posts. Well now you can add "beauty" to that list. Well I say "Beauty" it's Men's grooming products. This post is my first (and last depending on the success) review post. I was kindly sent through some samples of a male grooming product named "Fish". I received some hair products as well as shower gel. Fish (@fishSoho) is was originally a stand alone salon in the heart of Soho,London and has since branched out into the world of cosmetic shops. I do vaguely remember seeing their brands on shelves in Boots.

So what am I supposed to do with these? How do these Blog posts work? I am not a respected beauty/fashion/person blogger. But I love a challenge and I jumped at the chance to try these out and give my honest and frank opinion. I got the products and over the course of a few weeks used them and this is what I had to say about them.

Fish Paste Putty:
As a man who hates having wild, bouffant hair, I always try to put some kind of product in it. I have pretty thick hair and some products don't do it justice. I remember back in my early teens I used to lather my hair in that cheap green jelly like gel just to keep it slick and spiky. It was the late 90's/early 00's and sonic the hedgehog meets Gareth Gates spikes was all the rage!
Anyway my hair is slightly more shorter nowadays and I sometimes like to rock a side quiff/parting thingy. I am no hair stylist, sometimes my hair decides upon it's style regardless of what I use.

The Putty was not a good match for my hair. Thats not to say it was a bad product, it was simply a bad test subject. My hair was far too thick, long and wavy to have a putty put in it. The putty struggled to maintain any shape. With shorted, maybe thinner hair it would work better. My Mop wasn't playing well with it.
So I say If you have shorter hair this will hold it perfectly. More thinner and you will have a product that works for you. For me moppy hair? I have to bypass.

The 3 Small Pots:
These 3 pots were all hair products with different uses. Again, as a non expert I simply tried and tested all three separately.
Fish Shape: This texturising cream was perfect for my hair. Not too gunky (thats a proper word!) and made my hair look....well textured. I used this tub up quickly as I used it the most. it suited my hair the best and is an obvious good choice for thick hair to gain substance(?) if that makes sense?
Fish Fingers: A Shape Defining wax that much like the putty. A bit too thick, but not so thick it didn't do a good job. I used this one wrong at first, as I applied it wet hair and it didn't attach to my hair properly. I think towel dried hair works the best for wax. The whole take a piece the shape of a pea works too. too much and it becomes stodgy. But thats my fault I think for overusing.
Stone Fish: Its a clay! I liked the clay because it was made my hair strong without being greasy or clumpy. It worked well for a while, but I found it wore out very quickly i couldn't refine it very easily as the cream. I like to play with my hair during the day because I am an idiot and this didn't help.But on the good side it wasn't greasy, none of them were.

Sport Fish Body Wash: 

Now this Hair,Face and Body Wash was superb! Just what I want in a body wash! Now don't sit there and picture me showering, because I can't help you getting too excited. (wink)
This stuff smells great! it has a kind of coconut smell to it, which is awesome, as I LOVE Bounty bars! I mean who doesn't wanna smell like a coconut?! It cleans you, smells great and you don't have to worry about using it in your hair and body. I am a man, and men want shower products that are easy to open, the flip lid works fine, and easy to squirt into your hands, yes it was easy. Simple! we are easily pleased fellas and I would recommend this product to all my mates down the gym (I don't go to the gym, but you get me).

I knew this one was a winner because even my girlfriend complimented on me after I used it. So if getting women's attention afterwards is what you want, get some I say. 

So, what else can I say? I tried and tested these products for a blog post. For me, I can honestly say I would definitely buy the shower gel without a seconds hesitation. As for the hair products I may still need some convincing as what works best on my hair. I am nearly 30 years old and I have tried many different products on my hair from Green Gel to Industrial Hairspray to fancy wax from posh salons. I still struggle to find what works best for me. My hair has a mind of it's own. So who knows?! 

Anyway, Thanks for reading. I Hope you enjoyed what I had to say, if not, then keep your views to yourself or go on reddit and start up a thread about me. Either way I don't used reddit so I won't see it.

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*Although I was sent these products for the purpose of promotion, ALL views are my own, Nobody could be as boring as me*


  1. Love it. Mental images of coconut shower scenes did happen lol.

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    1. parent blogging maybe! send me a sample baby and ill see hahah

  3. Dude, there's a beauty blogger there inside you, I swear.
    These Days are Fast

  4. Hahaha. I have to agree with previous comment. Becoming a beauty blogger? I fully support you ;)

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