Friday, 28 February 2014

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London Grammar are Awesome #Fact

On a recent It's NOT Soccer Episode I raved on about the band London Grammar. Here is why you should be checking them out!

It is not often that I can sit here and bang on about a band/musician who I enjoy listening to, because usually my music taste is so vast that I never actually have any specific genre to stick to. I am not part of any actual musical group. 
I am not one of those hipsters who only likes bands that play indie gigs and are almost a secret. 
I am not one of those mainstream popster lovers that likes any song just because Simon Cowell says so.
I am not one of those music snobs who only likes music that is written on a the back of a fag packet and played on a one stringed banjo(!).

I consider myself a musical drifter, I have no specific area of expertise. My musical tastes can range from Oasis to Take That to David Bowie to Taylor Swift! I seriously like a song rather than the artist altogether. 
This is probably why I am not a music blogger, but you know if I had a radio show I would be playing music that bounces all over the place. I am sure if the likes of Zane Lowe saw my ipod he'd think I had some kind of musical schizophrenia! 

I am no ashamed to say that I have listened to Radio 2 regularly and turned it up in the car when a Abba/Taylor Swift/Snow Patrol/Simple Minds song comes on. I never settle for one type of genre..........BUT One band I am in love with at the moment is a band called "London Grammar"

On a recent Episode of "its NOT Soccer" Podcast I spent a fair amount of time discussing the band London Grammar and how much I love their sound. Download it here

London Grammar are a 3 piece band from.....erm London?......and they seem to be taking the music world by storm, specifically the well respected indie crowd. The main thing about London Grammar that I love is the main singer Hannah Reid. This girl has a singing voice that gives me goosebumps! simply haunting and beautiful. I have listened to their entire album straight through a few times and I still get goosebumps when I hear her dulcet, husky tones. She also looks nothing like she sounds. I used to imagine her a fuller figured, dark haired lady, but she is in fact a beautiful, petite, blonde lady. She is gorgeous!

Their version of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" is beyond amazing!

The Band are my current playlist topper. In between the pop songs and musical showtunes (yes I have them on my ipod too) I always love having some London Grammar on and still get shivers when I hear her voice.

So check them out! I fully recommend it.

Who are you listening to? Let me know

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