Thursday, 20 February 2014

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#Mashion & #Meauty No.19: BRITS vs BAFTAS Red Carpet Battle

In #19 of #Mashion posts its a BATTLE of the #RedCarpet from #BAFTAs and #Brits2014. A Fashion-off if you will!

The Nineteenth (#19) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

So usually I do a simple jokey,stupid and pointless fashion review on the red carpet from recent awards events. But because I was a little bit busy this week, and the fact 3 big stylish events happened (The Brits, The Baftas and Elle style Awards) I had to try and incorporate them without doing too much. I am quite lazy at blogging so I thought I would combine at least 2 of the awards shows. I might do The Elle Awards for #Mashion post #20 as it has a different spin on things. So watch out for that one.

Right, So this week 2 big awards shows happened. One focusing on the music industry and one focusing on the film industry. The Brit Awards 2014 and The BAFTAs 2014. So with a diverse selection of celebs attending as well as a crossover of people attending I thought I would simply pit them against each other in some kind of weird Mortal Kombat style fashion-off!

Will it work? Fuck knows. But here it goes.

Fight 1: Scully VS Katy B!


So Gillian Anderson the lady who ages backwards versus the new pop star on the scene with a letter for a second name. Both look very good, I must say. Gillian looks great in the curtain style, just wrapped something around me look. Katy brings the red! I love Red and when a Ginger can embrace the red, it is eye catching. 
Finish Her: Even though Katy wins with the fierce Redness, Gillian is can't be beat. Somewhere there is a painting in an attic with an oil painting of Gillian Anderson that is getting older!. She overturns the Katy B victory due to immortality. 

Fight 2 - Fearne Cotton VS Fearne Cotton


Fearne Cotton up against both her egos! At the BAFTAs she brings out the "TV Fearne" a lady who wears gold sequinned dresses and spends hours on her hair. Looking like a glamourous star and appearing on every show on the BBC. The Other Fearne is "Hip Fearne" who is a lady who looks relaxed, easy going, a mummy and trendy. Wearing a silver dress to let "TV Fearne" she can have gold, because she has a family. The Battle between two Egos is very passive aggressive
Finish Her: Although "TV Fearne" is ambitious and career driven, it's "Hip Fearne" who is in control. But "Hip Fearne" doesn't want the victory, so she allows "TV Fearne" to win, without letting up she threw this battle. "TV Fearne" is now crying in the corner with joy.

Fight 3 - Emma Thompson VS Ellie Goulding


Two people with nothing in common, other than the same first letter of their first name. E!. Emma brings this comfort, Ice Queen, Wintery look to an elegant awards ceremony which is now a veteran. Ellie brings the youthful prom dress style look to counteract the Old and New. Ellie looks gorgeous here, and with added pockets, it's perfect to put your ipod, fags and pokemon cards away.
Finish Her: Emma uses her years of wisdom to put Ellie in her place, but just when Emma thinks she has won, Ellie stands up and and says something "Young, cool and hip" that bamboozles Emma and gives Ellie the victory. Emma looks baffled and goes home to clean her awards from yesteryear.

Fight 4 - Woman from "The Lone Ranger" VS Sara Cox


The actress lady from "The Lone Ranger" and probably loads of shows I haven't seen is up against the radio queen Sara Cox. Both bring the quirkiness to the red carpets. "Lone Ranger" lady looks amazing in the masculine style suit. Bringing some feminine quality to something a man would usually wear. Sara brings some kind of 80's glam that also looks like a Windows Screen Saver circa 1998. 
Finish Her: Sara tries to out do with the showing of her legs, but "Lone Ranger" lady elegantly get's her penis out of her trousers and wins for shock value.

Fight 5 - Cate Blanchett VS Kimberly Walsh


One is an Oscar Winning Actress. The Other is the 4th best singer from "Girls Aloud". Cate looks old school hollywood great as usual. A Beauty that only exists in the movies(?) Whilst Kymberly brings out good old fashioned English Pop Star glamour. Both representing sides of Hollywood and PopWorld. The two have no idea why they are fighting each other.
Finish Her: Both stand up to each other unwilling to throw the first punch. Kymberly offers defeat due to the fact Cate is a megastar. Cate accepts because she thinks this entire post is beneath her.

Fight 6 - Queen Mirren VS J-J-J-J-Jessie J


The Queen of stage and screen versus Essex born Loudmouthed Singer Jessie J! Both bring the glam. Helen with her usual elegance in black, and reminding everyone how much of a GILF she is, whilst Jessie J revisits the Catsuit style she used to always showcase.Jessie shows off her almost immaculate yoga style body she's spent months instagramming about.
Finish Her: Queen Mirren assumes she will win this, but Jessie brings the goods and smashes her out of the park. What a Stunner! Jessie J wins so easily, that she barely had time to instagram it.

Fight 7 - Lilly Allen VS Lilly Allen


Lilly shows up at both events giving her quirky sense of style. Not caring about adapting to the vibe of the event, she rocks up being 100% Lilly! With the BAFTAs she embraces the bright colours to stand out from the glitz and glamour.At The Brits! she dresses up like a Statue to try and remind people she is actually a music star and deserves recognition. Both look great and she looks great. Not bad for a girl who looks like her Dad.
Finish Her: Both Lilly's square up for a fight only for them to stop scrapping and head to the bar for some Tequila shots and shouting abuse at One direction for a laugh.

Fight 8 - Brangelina VS The Minogues.


Two Star powers! Both embody the envy of the world! Both look great together! Brangelina look like they turned up to the BAFTAs after a friends dinner party and couldn't be bothered to get changed. Regardless they look great as a pair. Angelina proves suits are sexy on women. The Minogues just do it for me though! Dannii and Kylie rocking the black both looking proper adorable. 
Finish Them: Brangelina think they have it in the bag and just when they are about to adopt the Minogues, the two Aussie Dynamos merge into one and become "Mega-Minogue" a Giant Being of awesomeness! She tramples on everyone and destroys Manhattan! 

So there you go! The battle ends in a bloodbath of Awesomeness from The Minogues.
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  1. Haha very good always liking your take on fashion but i gotta say the only outfit i like out of all of this is Angelina's suite the rest just looks horrid to me lol xx

    1. ha thank you. I enjoy doing them. Oh I liked katy B's dress. I actually liked most of them haha

  2. great post! i love all your picks! :) fearne in that gold dress is stunning!! i can't pick favourites apart from that though - too hard!!! :)

    1. thanks. hope you enjoyed. Yeah fearne looked great. I actually liked most of the style on show tbh

  3. Hahaha. Good #mashion post. I kinda like this comparison. Ok, lets hear my opinion now, miss knows sverythingaboutfashion #sarsacm :)
    That fight 2 lady looks so her hair! Who is she? I need to educate myself more about celebs:)
    Helen Mirren and Kate Blanchete look gorg! Love both of them. Jessie J hasll an amazing body,I like her style, but can you imagine going to the toilet ... must be pain in the arse :)
    Brangelina look beautiful. Their kids must be beautiful :)
    And is it just me or does one of the Kylie's legs look darker? Maybe she ran out of a self tanner.
    Awesome post :)

    1. hahaha Fight 2 is Fearne Cotton. she is a radio/TV presenter in the UK. She is awesome.
      Thanks mate! I enjoyed mixing it up for this post :)