Saturday, 15 February 2014


This Blog Post is Not Famous Anymore!

This Blog Post is not Famous Anymore!

Ok, I wasn't planning on writing a blog or anything about this, but recently the Actor Shia LeBeouf has been up to some really peculiar stuff as of late. For those of you that don't know who Shia LaBeouf is, well he's the guy from "Transformers 1-3, Indiana Jones 4 and other films with numbers in them".

Recently he got caught up in some kind of plagiarism scandal, where he pretty much copied a film idea or something, I am not going to pretend I know or care what happened. What I heard, was that he has been doing stuff that people say isn't original or something so he is being moaned at. Whatever, I don't care, I think calling people out on originality is a tough thing to do nowadays, BUT like I said, I don't know what happened as I haven't bothered to look in to it.

Anyway, the only reason I am writing this, is because, what I want to say takes more space than a facebook or Twitter post. Now, Shia LaBeouf has done something pretty crazy in America recently. Remember when Joaquin Phoenix did that beard growing, Letterman appearance, Rap battling thing that turned out to be part of a movie?? Yeah for that film?? Anyway, Shia has gone a bit crazy or something.

It seems, according to many reports, that he set up an ART exhibition where he sat in a room and allowed people to queue up for hours on end to see him sitting at a table, not moving, not talking and with a bag over his head for hours. Oh and the bag said "I'm not famous anymore". People were able to enter the room and sit with him and he would just sit there. He would say Nothing!
Here is a video from Screen Junkies that talked about this whole thingymajig!

So basically Shia LaBeouf would sit at a table, quietly, allowing members of the public to enter a room and sit opposite him whilst he wears a paper bag on his head reading "I'm not famous anymore". Thats it! Simple as that.
Weird innit?!

Well No! It's Art! And Art isn't just weird its pathetic. And not pathetic to Shia, but to the people who queued up to see him. Why did these people queue up to see a man sitting at a desk with a bag on his head saying "I'm not famous anymore"?
Because He is Fucking Famous!!! and people wanted to see a famous person! It is pathetic! and if anything I think Shia LaBeouf is sitting down laughing at this whole thing.

Maybe I am having a bad day, But I find this whole thing pathetic. I love creativity and expressing it, but people that say a man sitting at a table quietly for hours, as people enter and take selfies with him, is art? NO! Fuck off. Go draw a fucking picture!

What is Art? I never learnt this shit at school! Stop it!

Ok, I am done.
Thank you. I am Adam and I am Not famous Anymore!



  1. He either seeks for attention (like he needs more of it), gone crazy or tries to proof that he is expressionless. I would be there telling him the most redic jokes. Maybe he would start laughing. But then I realized, I would not stand in the line for so long just to see him sitting there. He could be naked at least, in that case I would call it art ;)
    Thank you for always updating me with what's going on in this world :D X

  2. hahaha I think the whole thing is a joke on the people queuing up to see him. he says he is not famous anymore, yet people still go to see him.
    Art is subjective, but i am not a fan of this kind of thing. give me a painting or a movie with meaning anyday :)

  3. Oh my god I am so with you!!!! And I may get completely shouted at here....but I also don't get how that female artist who made an unmade bed was seen as an artist....sooooo yea it's a bed which hasn't been made so what? Why did she get paid friggin zillions to do that?! I know I will get a plate with leftovers on and see art category that comes under....there's my little rant for you!! Lol!! Maybe I'm just not understanding of art?!
    Totally agree those people went to see him for the fact he was famous not because in his eyes it art.
    A x

  4. No, no no. he can't be going crazy. I feel like every childhood star has their moment where they lose it and heck he is still famous, why on earth is he doing this? This is just creepy... and so sad. ._.
    By the way I love the screen junkies YouTube, do you watch their Honest Trailers?
    Sierra Calah ♥ Berry Stylish  

    1. I hope he's not going crazy and he just simply playing the whole thing up. and yes I love Screen Junkies work. they are hilarious. Honest Trailers is brilliant :)