Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day of The International Woman

So what is International Woman's day?

So, March the 8th seems to be a day named "International Woman's Day".I had never heard of such a day until, of all places, Radio One said they were dedicating an entire day to #IWD by having only female DJ's present on the station. Yes you heard, an entire day when you don't hear male DJ's on the radio station!

WOW, that is mighty nice of them isn't it?! Without this slowly becoming a post about my sudden hatred towards BBC Radio One, which is being spearheaded by Nick "I'm Cooler than you" Grimshaw, I just thought it was a bit strange.

So like any other person who has no idea about something, I googled it! and I found out some interesting information about International Women's Day that you might all find interesting.

1. International Woman's Day was started in  1908 by Lady Pompidoo of Scarborough because she finished a 3000 piece puzzle all by herself and nobody around to acknowledge. She immediately created a day to celebrate achievements in womanhood.

2. International Woman's Day spread out to Europe in the 40's when Copenhagen put on the first #IWD March where millions of women walked in heels without complaining. This Day was helmed a triumphed and has forever been remembered for Women's struggles in life.

3. International Woman's Day hit a massive stride in the 60's when it was shared around the world including China. In China, they banned the men from getting involved with the day or even acknowledging the day exists. This caused a lot of confusion between the genders and on this day every year Chinese Men are drugged and made to stay in bed whilst the ladies smoke cigars and celebrate #WomansDay

4. International Woman's Day has several high profile ambassadors in the shape of Jimmy Krankie, Toyah Wilcox, Felicity Kendall and  Cilla Black, who helms the annual Suprise, Suprise Marathon in Russia. This Year it was held in Ukraine when Putin invaded Crimea.

5. Last year on International Woman's Day Harry Styles from One Direction managed to sleep with the entire female population of Essex.

6. International Woman's Day will be celebrated by Billions of woman across the globe today, and at approximately 5pm around the globe ALL women will begin menstruating in sync with each other.

So there you go, some fun and true facts about #IWD. Go out there and help celebrate the female race. I have much respect and love the ladies of this world.

So until November the 19th when it is International Mens Day

*Please Note these facts may NOT be true, so please refrain from any corrections and ommisions*



  1. It took me sometime to realize it's a joke. lol :D
    "approximately 5pm around the globe ALL women will begin menstruating in sync with each other." what time? Pacific time? Central European time? So I can prepare :P

    1. Hahaha it's 5pm GMT so adapt that to your time zone lol x

  2. Oh snap I hate when I synch. Cheeky

    1. Haha the entire population of women in sync!! It's,the plot of a horror film lol

    2. Trust me it happens and when it does it is horrifying x

    3. hahaha I wanna write it! haa "Dawn on the Cycle"