Thursday, 13 March 2014

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Fearne Cotton Makes it look easy!

We tried our hand at making a Radio style show. If Fearne Cotton can do it, so can we!..........oh not!

In the latest Episode of "It's NOT Soccer" Podcast | Ep.48 - Radio Killed the Podcasters | we played out a special hour long episode where myself and Billy recorded a "Pilot" Style / Test Show for a local radio station "CCR: Chelmsford Community Radio".

I got into touch with the powers that be at "CCR" and he asked us to record a "Pilot" show to see how two podcasters could possibly record a radio style show. So it was basically a test to see whether myself and Billy could record a show with more structure, music and sound, well like a radio show instead of a podcast where the main focus is Billy chatting about a story from his youth that has more swear words in it than a Martin Scorsese film.
Could we be the Next Fearne Cotton? or Chris Moyles? or even that guy who presents the 1am -3am slot?

In most of our episodes we tend to use Explicit language, not because it's big and clever (Although a perfectly timed swear can be comedic genius) but because it's a podcast and the shackles are off. With Podcasts we feel like we have the freedom to say what we want, with the obvious exceptions of making Racist, Homophobic and offensive comments. In Podcasts we don't have a bunch of guidelines to abide by like only talking about certain topics and keeping to a track. We have spent many podcasts where we had one topic and it lasted 45 minutes and it involved lots of talking about our childhood. That the beauty of podcasts, its down to you to create the content.

So with this Pilot show, with added Music, which I am sure probably isn't allowed due to some rules and what not, but hey, whatever we are rebels!!!.........Podcast rebels!!
In the Pilot we tried to create a show that sounded like a radio/podcast mash up. Playing up the idea it was two guys trying to record a pilot. Most of my humour for podcasts comes from playing up to the fact we are simply guys attempting to record something without any proper background and knowledge.
We even brought back a segment from an OLD podcast called Trailer Breakdown and discussed the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" aswell as some chat about the Oscars. Bearing in mind this was recorded before the Oscars took place.

We enjoyed trying this out, whether or not "CCR" decide to give us a hand and accept us onto the station in some way, shape or form, it was a good test and challenge to record something different.

I'll tell you what though, Fearne Cotton makes Radio seem effortless! We underestimated the discipline involved.

What did you think of the Show? Could you see us doing a more Radio centric formatted show in the future? or should podcasters stick to podcasting?
Either way, Being creative and having a laugh is the winner here, surely!

Listen to the Show here:

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