Monday, 24 March 2014

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Films of your life: Model Nicole Gibson

Model @TheNicoleGibson gives us her #FOYL answers. From Mystic Pizza to Batman and Robin.

Films of your life is a series of posts where certain people get a chance to tell us a little about the films that have affected their lives. I have asked people from the Film world, other bloggers and people associated with the Podcasts.

In todays Films of your life #FOYL I asked Model Nicole Gibson. Nicole is hilarious and possibly the most interesting person I have ever spoken to. Check out the Post I did about her here. Also follow her on twitter @TheNicoleGibson

A Film from your Childhood that sticks with you 
As a child I watch 'The Blue Bird' starting Elizabeth Taylor on repeat. It was a fantasy film and she played a good witch and wore the most amazing floaty costumes! I'd dress up in my Nan's dresses and pretend to be her.

A Film that you could watch on a loop
I could watch pretty much any Julia Roberts movie on a loop. When I was about 15 I became completely obsessed with her. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world (until hairy armpit gate) :-/ But to name one is have to say 'Mystic Pizza' a coming of age movie about 3 girlfriends. Love it! 

A Film that still makes you cry
 I'm little miss hormonal so I manage to well up to most films but the ones that get me are of course 'Beaches' 'Stepmom' and, oh my god 'My sisters keeper'!!!! 

A Film you would most like to have been the main character in
Weird as it sounds I've always wanted to play the first to get it in a slasher movie and the most famous of our time would have to be Drew Barrymore's character in 'Scream'

A Film that you love but others hate
Batman and Robin - shocking shit considering the lineup but Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy was so camp and cheesy. She had the most cringe worthy cliche one liners but I loved them! 

Thank you Nicole for the answers. Check out Nicole who is modelling for "Models for Diversity" and a very inspiring person. Give her a follow on Twitter.

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