Wednesday, 12 March 2014

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Films of your life: Sports broadcaster Kait Borsay

Sports Presenter Kait Borsay answers the "Films of your life..." Questions

Films of your life is a series of posts where certain people get a chance to tell us a little about the films that have affected their lives. I have asked people from the Film world, other bloggers and people associated with the Podcasts.

In todays Films of your life #FOYL I asked Sports Broadcaster Kait Borsay. Kait works as a Sports Presenter on Sky News and Broadcaster on Sky Sports News. She is also 1/3 of the podcast "The Offside Rule (We Get it!)" @OffsideRulePod where they discuss all things football.

A Film from your Childhood that sticks with you
Uncle Buck - I'm going to show my age now by saying we never had a VCR at home until I was about 15 - so as a young teenager I would benefit from the takeouts of the local video shop at my friends houses. Jenny's older sister always seemed to be renting the latest flicks and I remember loving Uncle Buck - the idea that a wayward relative could come and mix things up in our otherwise boring lives always appealed - even if as a teenager of course I sided with the character of Tia. Great comedy and a fun watch, I loved John Candy, and it's such a shame he's no longer around.

A Film that you could watch on a loop
Probably The Usual Suspects. I'm very picky when it comes to acting talent. Big explosions, fight scenes, heartbreak, soppy bits - none of it does anything for me unless the writing and the performance is excellent. Great plot, Kevin Spacey and many other standout performers. You either love or can't see the big deal with this movie. I love it and the only thing to add... is Keyser Söze.

A Film that still makes you cry
My Girl - It takes something really stand out for me to really invest in a film. If I'm there in the storyline, with the characters and completely absorbed it literally takes the sight of a character crying at something sad to start me off too! That's the power of acting I guess. If its a naff film I'll scoff at the sad bits, if it's a good film I'm there blubbing every step of the way.

A Film you would most like to have been the main character in
Kim Basinger - LA Confidential. I have loved this movie ever since it was released. The period, the mood, and Kim Basinger is amazing. I'd obviously like to look as good as her in this film too! Just for the outfits, the look and the character I'd definitely have to say yes to a bit of old school Hollywood glamour!

A Film that you love but others hate
Sideways. Folk have it all wrong about middle-aged wine aficionados. I'm not saying I'm there just yet but fine wine is a great way to embrace your advancing years. I'm very lucky to have worked in a job (before presenting) where I learnt a lot about wine - and that thirst (hoho) for knowledge has continued. I'm not an expert but I've lead a few tasting sessions for mates and at hen dos and they always go down well. If you're going to booze it up, at least stick to the good stuff.

Kait even went a bit further and added a few more, just because she wanted to share her love of film.....

Best Soundtrack: Rushmore

Bizarre but I loved it: La Fee (The Fairy). Charming - physical performance at its best.

Best stand out performance by an actor: Kristin Scott Thomas 

in "II y a longtemps que je t'aime" (I've Loved You For So Long). Quite simply one of the best actresses of my generation.

Thank you Kait for taking part in #FOYL. check out the website for "The Offside Rule" where I actually write a weekly blog focusing on the Top 4 teams in the Premier League.
Also check out the podcast here:
Follow Kait on Twitter @KaitBorsay


  1. Ha watching usual suspects right now! Some awesome choices x