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Films of your life: Young Adult on the Moon

Time for my own "Films of your life" Check out the Post where I discuss what John Hughes film I could watch over and over and what Charlize Theron MUST you watch?

So, with a NEW Podcast Name, it was time for myself to answer the #FOYL questions that I have been pestering people with. In | Ep.125 - Young Adult on the Moon of The #NOTlistening Podcast (Formerly The ODDcast PODcast UK) | myself, Billy and Ash sat down and answered the "Films of my life".
Take a Listen as you read on:


A Film from your Childhood that sticks with you
This choice is obvious to many people that know me. It's Tim Burtons "Beetlejuice". I remember getting this video on Ex-Rental, in a grey video cassette(!), and wearing the video out. I still remember the trailers playing at the start very vividly. "Beetlejuice" is a classic, that I can recite from memory and even watch on a Loop, but I didn't want to say the same film twice. I can't wait for the sequel if it ever gets made.

A Film that you could watch on a loop
I decided on "The Breakfast Club" a film that I watched first when I was at college and to this day still love it. The best John Hughes film ever, hell, the best Teen movie ever!. I loved the simple premise and the whole gang of characters in the film. Nowadays it is considered a little dated and cliche, but back in 1985 I am sure it helped mould the teen movie genre. Plus the theme song is the best ever!

A Film that still makes you cry
I have never actually cried at a movie and I couldn't think of a film for ages. I racked my brain and suddenly one film came to my mind and reminded me of how I felt when I watched it. That film is "Man on the Moon" the Andy Kauffman bio-pic starring Jim Carrey. There's a moment in the film when Andy gets diagnosed with leukemia and, spoiler!, he doesn't survive. The bit that got me was the funeral scene, when people from his controversial career turned up and a video of Andy talking and singing to the people at the funeral really got me, and still does to this day. I think the whole idea of the film gets me as he was a comedian way ahead of his time with his ideas on what was funny and how to play with the audience. Along the way he created many enemies who didn't understand him and just when he felt like he could finally make people understand him, he dies of an illness. The whole idea of people turning up to his funeral and getting to interact with the audience was almost like his final trick. Maybe i am looking into it too much, but it got me the most. Check it out. I think this film got massively overlooked and needs to be seen. Jim Carrey is brilliant in it.

A Film you would most like to have been the main character in
BATMAN!.......would NOT be my choice. I thought about it, and after much deliberation I decided it'd be too much hard work to be Batman. too much depression, dark stuff and heartache. Plus I am too lazy to fight all the time. After much thought I decided instead a specific character, I'd just like to be Paul Rudd in ANY of his roles. From Brian Fantanna in "Anchorman" to Pete in "Knocked Up and This is 40". He is so chilled out and cool, I think I could be happy being that way. He's too cool. 

A Film that you love but others hate
This film I would happily shout from the rooftops for people to see. It's the 2011 film "Young Adult" starring Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt. The film is about a self absorbed former prom queen who goes back to her quiet little town to win back her ex boyfriend from school, who's just had a child. Her utter ignorance and arrogance that she can simply win back her ex so easily is cringe worthy and brilliant to watch. Charlize Theron is utterly brilliant in this and plays a character that is beautiful and flawed and such a bitch who you kind of empathise with. Patton Oswalt is brilliant in this a school outcast and voice of reason in this film who can see Charlize isn't a bad as she seems, well only a little bit. It's a film written by Diablo Cody who wrote "Juno" and has a witty script and snappy dialogue. It got overlooked everywhere and people NEED to see it!

So there you go. That was my "Films of your life" #FOYL. Hope you check out the films I picked and if you want to get involved and answer these Q's please send them in an email to :

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  1. Awesome post! I's like to do one similar, such a cool idea.
    I can't believe you don't cry at movies! I cry at almost everyone I watch...even if its not sad haha I'm so emotional. Wanna check that Jim Carey one out though.

    Best wishes, Danielle.

    1. Thanks. I don't tend to cry that often anyway but I do get choked up easily especially in sentimental moments.
      Yes please answer the q's and email me them and I'll have you featured in.a future post.