Monday, 3 March 2014

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#Mashion & #Meauty: The #Oscars Red Carpet 2014

Time to look at those #RedCarpet styles from The #Oscars 2014! #Mashion Style!

The Twentieth (#20) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

This is it! The Big Event on the awards calendar. The OSCARS 2014 is the one everybody wants to be at, win at and look stylish at! So here we go with the #Mashon event of the year....

Julia Roberts: Emma Roberts auntie and Eric Roberts sister wears a dress that looks like you could use it to wrap ornaments up with. I am sure she rustles as she walks. Imagine her wearing this during "Pretty Woman" and walking up to Richard Gere's car 
"Work it baby, Work it" *Rustle, Rustle Rustle* 

Catwoman: Anne is still rocking the "Don't mistake me for a boy" hair do' and is wearing a stab vest that resembles the kind of chest plate those Villains from Krypton wore back in "Superman 2". I personally love Anne Hathaway, only because she seems to have a look about her that says "Why don't people like me?" and I want to be there to tell her "it's because you look like you have no soul"

Pharrell and Mrs Pharrell: Oi, Pharrell! If you want to dress up like a dick, fine! But don't make your beautiful wife/girlfriend/friend/assistant/sister/lady you know dress up as badly. Don't take people down with her fashion ship! At least you left that hideous Massive stupid hat at home!......

...................................................Oh for Fucks Sake!

Princess Diana: Such a shame Naomi Watts had to go and make a film as bad a "Diana" because no matter how lovely she looks in this white dress and beautiful face, I just look at her and think "Why did you do it?" it's like when somebody is caught having sex with a pig, doesn't matter how much charity work you do afterwards, people will always be moving the bacon away from you!

Lady GaGa: This is pretty tame for HRH Lady Ga of the Ga. I personally am a fan of this. Sir Lady GG knows how to always dress up whether it be wearing this lovely sleek dress or whether or not she is wearing a dress made of an english breakfast, eggs over easy!

BranGelina: Fast becoming THAT couple that we hate for being so beautiful! Brad just looks dapper and cool, whilst Angelina has hidden that leg from last year and gone for a lovely dress that makes me immediately stare at her beautiful face! I swear she is some kind of Disney Witch!.......Oh hang on! 

Can't Pronounce her Name: The lady from "12 years a Slave" (Which she was Brilliant in BTW) looks pretty awesome in this dress. I am a fan of this colour and it looks pretty elegant. I can't take the piss out of her because she looks so happy, is riding a wave of happiness and well deserved. All I'll say is look at the dude at the back who is either falling asleep or smelling a fart.

Charlie Theron: We all have lists! and Charlie is on my list! The South African beauty always looks divine (you have to say divine very fabulously) and scary! She looks like the dress is painted on and the black brings out that demon looking side of her, that I bet is great in bed.............*cough* I'm ok.

Amy Adams: Late last night I got a tweet from a friend @CloudsGo saying she hated Amy Adams dress as it's boring and dull. Then 10 minutes later she tweeted back to say she had warmed to it. What she did in those 10 minutes is a mystery to me, but I think Amy Adams looks Hot and Awesome! Big Adams fan here and love the colour! and also loving the trend of her not wearing a bra! I am sure she doesn't even own one.

Janice Leto: This beautiful lady from "The Dallas Buyers Club" rocks up in the masculine white suit and even rocks a joke beard. I think she is trying to blur the gender lines and go all "Method" Acting with a male role...........hang on! Is this a Guy? Has he always been a guy?...........WHAT?!

Cate Blanchette: The beautiful Cate, Look it's Kate! Just spell it Kate!, looks bloody gorgeous in this figure hugging dress. She wanted diamonds, she wore diamonds, she oozed diamonds! She is a Double Oscar winner! If she wants Diamonds, she GETS Diamonds!

J-Law: After last years Trip you'd think Jenny to the Law would wear a dress she can walk in, but NO she goes for the goes under feet dress again. BUT regardless, you and me both know, She can do no wrong. She is the girl we all want to hang out with, have beers with, watch the football with, touch each other with.......Oh come on! You know you want to!

and here is here tripping up again! TRIP: The Sequel

Sandra Bullock: Loving Sandra Bullock, always have! She is another lady who gets better with age and looks simply stunning. I think it's bone structure in her face that I love. Those sunken eyes, that pout, those cheeks......I Freaking LOVE Sandy! Dress looks alright too. #Ooosh

Sally Hawkins: The "Blue Jasmine" Actress looks uncomfortable and as if she doesn't want to be there. She looks like a teenager who was made to turn up by mum Cate Blanchette and they had a fight in the limo on the way here. I bet she spent the entire ceremony playing on her phone and Snapchatting backs of celebs heads or something.

Emma "Fucking" Watson: Look it's Fucking Emma Watson alright!! She can fucking wear what the fuck she fucking wants to fuckng wear! Why? because she is Emma fucking Watson thats why! Fuck you!
*Not my words, Fucking Emma's words*

So there you go. What did you think of the Oscars fashion? do you care? Let me know


  1. Excellent post as always sunshine! I'm a bit of a fan of Emma Watson myself, she looks epic.

  2. Haha, you're fast on this one! Did you not go to sleep at all? :)
    My favourite from here is Cate Blanchete. She's stunningly beautiful anyways, I bet she look gorgeous in anything. Sandy looks good in blue, even though she wore better dresses, not bat though. Amy Adams looks chic, I love her <3
    Haha, at J-Law: YES, I want to do all those things with her and more :P She's the queen of tripping! Lol
    Charlize Theron looks stunning, I think she looks amaziiiing. She's on my list as well!
    12 years slave lady (I haven't watched the movie yet) looks beautiful, her speech was beautiful as well, so inspiring.
    I don't think Pharell looks bad, he just wanted to wear shorts, mmmkay? Guys don't have many choices anyways.
    Brangelina is flawless as always. I am not a big fan of her dress, but did she gain weight? I mean, she looks healthier, not so skinny as she was. Or is it just me?
    Lady Gaga looks presentable - somthing new about her.
    Jared Leto look like Jesus.
    Don't like Julia Robert's and Anne's dress. Love them both, but they just don't work for me. Sally Hawkins looks like wearing a curtain or a dress made out of curtain.
    Emma fuckin Watson look fuckin good. I don't want to fuck with Emma fuckin Watson.
    "Princess Diana" looks good, but was movie that bad? I didn't watch it.

    Were you happy with the winners? :)

    Good post, mate X

  3. Loved this post especially since I watched the
    Last 45 minutes or so and got to see most of these gowns. The lady from 12 years a slave was STUNNING in that gorgeous dress.