Sunday, 30 March 2014

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Terrorists taking #Selfies

Don't worry this post isn't actually about Terrorists who take #selfies it's actually the title of the latest podcast episode.where we discuss the #Selfies craze and a film about terrorists

Ok, calm down, the title is misleading. The following post isn't about Terrorists that take selfies it's just the title of the latest podcast episode. In | The #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.126 - Terrorists taking #Selfies | myself and co host Billy sat down and discussed TWO major topics.
1) The #NoMakeUpSelfie craze that happened recently
2) The British film about idiot Terrorists "Four Lions"

Corrie Actress Michelle Keegan annoying every woman in the world with this #NoMakeUpSelfie
Now, both topics are about as far apart as they can be and there is absolutely no way we could manage to bring them together for a discussion mash up............or is there? there is isn't. They were simply TWO separates conversations that just happened to appear during the same recording. This is the beauty of podcasting for me. I love the fact we can sit down to record a show without much preparation and see where the conversation takes us. For those of you out there that are unaware of what podcasting is, or simply how it happens, I shall enlighten you

"Podcasting is just like those chats you have with your best friends, down the pub or over coffee, but recorded and edited so it sounds like a show of sorts" 

These posts are usually a companion piece to each episode and focusing on the topics discussed but I have no idea how I could blog about a film about bungling terrorists and people doing #selfies for cancer research.
So after some deliberation, and hope that you have pressed play on the podcast and are listening to my comedic/dulcet tones, I decided to simply post up some pics from those celebrities who decided to post a pic for a good cause.
Why am I doing this? Because I have no idea what to write. Listen to the podcast instead *wink wink*

Newly Single GwynPAL drinks water make up free because it's good for the earth and stops her turning into a gremlin. She is actually the opposite to a Mogwii #fact
Did you check out my chat with her? Its here:
Helen Flans bare all with some very very clever lighting. apparently no make up on her means she has no nose!
Amy Willerton looking smug make up free. I can hear you ladies punching the screen in anger. Its ok to hate on her, she accepted that when she sold her soul to the devil in exchange of flawless looks.
Jessie J looking more like Elvis than ever.........and still gorgeous.......what does that say about me?
Michelle from Liberty X, Holly Willobooby and That woman from hearsay proving how beautiful they are without make up. Although Hollys pic looks extremely photoshopped doesnt it?

Also have you seen the movie "Four Lions" yet? No? You need to check it out! It is a brilliant Black/comedy that will divide your moral compass and empathy towards such a coy subject matter.

Check out the Podcasts if you haven't already. If you like Comedy, Witty discussions about all things entertaining I am sure you will enjoy.
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