Sunday, 9 March 2014


The Adventures of #Batfella

The Adventures of #BatFella is OUT NOW. catch up the new comedy audio about Hoffam City's number one Bat shaped Hero.

So, I had an idea a while back, an idea that may not be considered 100% original, or even 50% original, It's an idea that has been done before I am sure of it. The idea was to write a comedy audio series about a character similar to "Batman". I came up with the character "BatFella" who was supposed to be a British version of Batman, but once I started writing and recording it, it became a simple Christian Bale style voice parody. 

You can find the Episode on Stitcher and iTunes too

This was fine, and I continued to write and record these short little radio play style audio things, I have no idea how to describe them! They aren't radio plays because they are not on the radio, and if I say audio series it becomes too broad. What I settle on is "Comedy Audio Play" which probably isn't any better.

Anyway, "The Adventures of #Batfella" is a series I wrote, recorded and produced with the help of some of my friends from the podcasting world.
The PILOT Episode was recorded back in December 2013 and featured the vocal talents of friend and Actress Rita Ramnani who played the part of The Narrator and Wonder Bird (Wonder Woman Knock off) whilst I took the roles of Batfella himself and his trusty butler Albert.
In this Episode Batfella comes across a very sexually charged Wonder Bird and asks for help in preventing injustice in Hoffam City

In Episode 2 BatFella meets up with arch villain The Fiddler, voiced by podcaster Jason Clark, and the two exchange some witty dialogue whilst trying to find the whereabouts of The Jester.

Now, as you can obviously see, it's a very simple premise, which takes a lot from the idea of the Batman mythos, so I really played up the whole Parody element and this helped me write some great dialogue and storyline structures.
The idea is the get a story arc of 6-8 Episodes for this season. So far I have Eps 1-5 written and Eps1-3 recorded and ready.

Episodes 1 and 2 are here for your listening pleasure. Please take a listen and let me know what you think. Look out for Episode 3 soon starring the vocal talents of Actress and good friend Petra Bryant playing Cat chick.....Meeeooow!


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