Sunday, 27 April 2014

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Don't Panic it's only a Podcast

So What happens when you put talented musicians in a theatre and make them play music?

The other week it was the night everybody was waiting for! It was The Panic Awards 2014......(Tumbleweed! Lone Bell! Awkward Turtle)..............Ok, it was the night a few hundred of people residing in Chelmsford, Essex were waiting for. The Panic Awards 2014 is a local Cultural and Entertainment Awards ceremony that showcases some of the best in Music in and around Chelmsford.

Cheryl Cole DID NOT play at the Panic Awards 2014 but if she did it'd be the bes.......Nah she'd probably be shit.

So, being the ever helpful Chelmsford lad, I got involved with this event a few years back and year in year out it has gotten better and better. Each year the event is held at Chelmsford Civic Theatre and awards are given out to:

- Band of the Year
- Comedian of the Year
- Venue of the Year

And more. You get my drift. Anyway, I won't spend ages discussing the way this event works, go check out the facebook page at OFFICIAL PANIC AWARDS page and see what is what.
In the latest episode of  | The #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.130 - Don't Panic it's only a Podcast | myself and co host Billy discuss the night itself.
On the night 8 of the bands up for "Band of the Year" played and within that bunch their was a good variety on show. From Heavy Metal to Blues to Indie Rock and Ska it was surely a great lineup to enjoy. As an organiser it is great to watch backstage as these acts perform to a dedicated crowd of local people wanting to unearth new and exciting acts. 
The bands were:

The Kubricks
Little Donkey - Whose Singer Mat Frost is actually the writer and performer of our theme tune
The Midnight Barbers
Osmium Guillotine
Creme De Chevre
Machine Gun Men - Funniest band EVER!

Also Paulo Morena performed after winning Solo Performer of the Year.

I would urge you all to check these bands out regardless of where you are from! You could be sitting in your house in the far end of America, this is the Internet! Check these acts out! I guarantee you will be impressed by the talent on show.

Some of the highlights are discussed in the Podcast Episode so make sure you check that out. 
Check out the Video's below. These Videos were created by Comedian Andy Poole and visual genius Christian Kay. They are the nomination videos and even the Bloopers, which showcase how much fun we all had whilst doing this.

Also This WHOLE event was non profit and ALL the money made went to charity, like it does every year. This year we raised money for "The J's Hospice" so please check them out and support them too.

I feel very happy with myself, in quite a selfish way, that I could help contribute to putting on such a great event as well as helping raise money for charity. The reasons we all do this though is to showcase out talents and creativity. I am very happy and pleased to be living in a City that is filled with extremely talented and creative people.

So there you go, you don't have to be a Chelmsford person to enjoy these bands and events. Get out in your local town/city and seek out talent and creativity around you. You will be surprised at what you find.

Check out the Podcasts if you haven't already. If you like Comedy, Witty discussions about all things entertaining I am sure you will enjoy.
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