Saturday, 5 April 2014

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Fargo F**k yourself!

In the latest episode of The #NOTlistening podcast we discuss films that have become TV shows and much much more. so Check out some Films I think should become a TV show.

We all love TV Shows. Recently TV Shows have been far more gripping and exciting than actual feature length movies. I suppose this is all because some stories can be explored and characters developed over the course of a series of 13 episodes better than you could in 120 minutes.
Shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are bringing a cinematic element to the small screen and it seems to be working. These could easily work as films.

In the latest Episode of | The #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.127 - Fargo F**K yourself | myself, Ash and Billy sat down and discussed some of the Films that have the opposite and been made into TV shows after being a film. Films such as "Fargo" and "From Dusk til Dawn" have taken the leap and moved into the world of TV and released shows to either re-tell the original story or take the idea and expand it to feature as a weekly structural narrative.
"Fargo" is making it's debut as an anatholgy style TV show which I personally think is a great idea in telling a story set in the world created back in the 90's. "From Dusk til Dawn" also rebooted the series for the small screen with a more in depth twist. I have watched some of "From Dusk til Dawn" and am really impressed with the way it's been set up.

In the Episode, which I really recommend you press play right now and listen to, we talk about the films that we would like to see made into TV shows instead. We said in the podcast that we would like to see a TV series based on the adventures of a young Han Solo from "Star Wars". What do you think? Imagine the younger years of a space cowboy, it'd be like "Firefly" and would no doubt be a mega hit, don't you think?

With "Gotham" being brought to the small screen too, it seems people want to see more serial style narratives to film like premises. I can't wait for the "Batman: The Wonder Years" series! Who doesn't want to see that?!

Here are a few TV shows based on existing Films that I think they should pick up:

The Human Centipede: You could take the idea of this grotesque film and turn it into a weekly reality tv game show. Each week contestants have to try and create a human centipede in the quickest time. No doubt you could get people willing to fight it out to win the prize of 1 Million pounds. I could see this hosted by Davina McCall.

Pretty Woman: Imagine a hidden camera show where we place an actress on the streets playing the role of a prostitute and unsuspecting punters arrive and we get to see whether she will find her true love and they sweep her off their feet. 

Dirty Dancing: A Dancing competition where a Patrick Swayze like character in his 30's dances with underage girls. Maybe because the film was set in the 60's this wouldn't work nowadays.

The Truman Show: Pretty much take a child when he is born and throw him into a world where we watch their every move and control their life. Just like the film, but real!

So What do you think? What Films would you like to be turned into a TV show? Let me know and Check out the Podcast Episode for plenty of comedy chat and entertainment.

Check out the Podcasts if you haven't already. If you like Comedy, Witty discussions about all things entertaining I am sure you will enjoy.
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  1. I'd love to see White Chicks in a tv show! That would be hilarious!!