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#FridayFright: First Horror I watched....

#FridayFright: What was the FIRST Horror film you watched.... WARNING! This post contains talk about a certain Clown form the 90's!

So every other friday will be a #FridayFright post. This series of posts was the brainchild of fellow blogger Kitty who wanted to blog and geek out about Horror films and everything that goes with it. Along with Roxy (and anybody else who wants to join in) we will bring you a post based on the same Question/Topic each time. So after you have read this, check out what they wrote over on their blogs.

Today's #FridayFright posts was a simple question:

"What was the FIRST Horror film you watched?"

I had to think back to the tender age of 7 to fully remember the FIRST Horror film I ever watched. I probably had seen other horror films before but this is the first that I can fully remember.....simply because I was 7 years old and it scared the living shit out of me!

The Film was "Stephen King's IT!"

WARNING! The following post contains images of clowns that may scare the shit out of you!

That's right! The 1990 TV two parter, which in the UK was released as a solid 3 hour film on video, was the first horror film I remember watching and being;

a) Traumatised by
b) Fascinated by

For those who are slightly unaware of the plot, and if you managed to get through your childhood without witnessing it then you are missing out on some mixed emotions, It's simply a story about Pennywise a child killing clown that only children can see. It's a story of a group of youngsters in the 1950's who one by one meet Pennywise and come out safe but scarred, leading them to band together to go down to the drain where he lived and kill him. All seems well, until a good 25 years or so Pennywise has returned to prey on more unsuspecting children and the gang return to their home town to finish off the job.

Now that synopsis is really basic and thinned out because, like I said, the film is 3 hours long and has more character development and plot points but I am not here to discuss that. Go watch it! Seriously! do it now!

I remember watching this film back when I was about 6 or 7 because we rented it on video from the local video shop........yes Video shop! that let you rent VHS tapes!........Those were the days! Going into the local petrol station that sold penny sweets that were actually a penny and let you rent the latest video's to watch on sleepovers. 
I remember the kids in out neighbourhood use to love renting horror films for sleepovers and "IT" was always one to pick because it really scared the shit out of us all.

The first time I watched this film I was scared yet fascinated by the film. Being a massive film buff even at that age I loved the way the story flowed and characters were brought in and I do believe the film was the first time I watched a film that used flashbacks to tell the stories. In fact watching this film kind of set me up on how to construct a narrative that involved various characters in different time zones. The whole way the story played out, with the obvious fact that the first 90 minutes involving the kids stories being the most enthralling, made the whole narrative easy to follow and really kept us kids all gripped.

Some Key scenes that many people will know of is the infamous "Don't you want a Balloon?" scene from the beginning of the movie. The whole idea of a clown, oh did i not mention this film consists of the most terrifying clown in history, down a drain and eventually killing the young boy by pulling his arm off and into the drain is utterly terrifying and as a 7 year old (too young to watch I know, but hey, what you gonna do?) it could easily scar you for life. I actually knew someone once who spent years scarred from this film, until I told them that Tim Curry played Pennywise and he was the Hotel Manager in "Home Alone 2". Suddenly, it wasn't as scary as they thought.

Another Key scene that sticks with me is the "Blood in the Sink" scene. The whole of an entire sink being filled up with blood and nobody else seeing it, scares you more because you begin to realise that you are alone! I remember always checking the plug holes in my bathrooms for years after that.

The Film "IT" is a great film, I haven't read the book, and one that really helped me appreciate film as an artform as a kid. Many friends of mine would watch it once and be traumatised by it. I would watch it over and over taking in the whole way the story was told. It is not the greatest masterpiece of filmmaking, but as a youngster I looked to this film and started to see them more than just a film. I saw them as a piece of art that is structured in a specific way.

So have you seen "IT"? what did you think of it? Let me know.
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  1. I've read the book, but only ever seen bits of the film (It's not been shown on a channel I own for years). I keep meaning to buy it, and it's always too expensive when I go into HMV to check. Where's the Video Stores when you need them?

    I'd say give the book a read, as I reckon there'll be lots of differences, I read this book really early too, mostly because I wasn't allowed to see horror films, but I could sneak the books out of the library! Pennywise gets a quick mention in my post. Sneaky Evil Clown.

    1. I keep meaning to read the book is it better?x

  2. I can't take full credit for the idea was me and Roxy having a horror geek out :)

    I love IT proper made me a bit obsessed with clowns when I should be scared of them but I just love Tim Curry in everything he is a legend and a half. This film is pretty awesome but not as awesome as your capture of it ;)

    We all float down here


  3. Wow ... This movie is the reason I hate clowns and I have trouble sleeping at night :D I re-watched it with my friends a year ago, because I've never watched it till the end, and I was kind of disappointed when he turned into spider :P