Friday, 11 April 2014

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#FridayFright : Last Horror Film I watched

In the first #FridayFright post I answered the question: What was the last horror film you watched?

So every other friday will be a #FridayFright post. This series of posts was the brainchild of fellow blogger Kitty who wanted to blog and geek out about Horror films and everything that goes with it. Along with Roxy (and anybody else who wants to join in) we will bring you a post based on the same Question/Topic each time. So after you have read this, check out what they wrote over on their blogs.

Ok, So the first in the series of #FridayFright posts was a simple question:

"What was the LAST Horror film you watched?"

Well, the last Horror film I watched was actually "The Curse of Chucky" That is right! The sixth installment of the Child's Play franchise.

I watched this movie around Christmas time, which made me realise that I haven't watched many horror films for a while! Maybe the fact my son was born after christmas has been a factor or maybe I have been getting my horror fix from TV Shows such as "American Horror Story" and "The Walking Dead".
So, "The Curse of Chucky" is the sixth film in the series and is some kind of Reboot/Prequel/Sequel, infact I have no idea where on the timeline this film actually existed.

The story is simple. Chucky the Doll is delivered to family at a house and one by one he begins to kill them, in some very UN-inventive ways. It is as simple as that. People die and Chucky laughs. The Ending is the most intriguing part of the story as it tries to make the film fit in with the other five films and whether or not I was drunk at the time of watching it (I was) I got confused and couldn't completely work out where the film fit with the others.
It seemed like a Reboot to start with, then it seemed like a prequel to some and sequel to others, then it felt like a Sequel to only a few and not the others, then it felt like a twisty alternate version of the predecessors only to not be alternate until a certain......ARRRRGGGHHH! My head hurts!!

Anyway, No Spoilers, unless being a very underwhelming film is a Spoiler, but this film was very forgettable and pretty "Meh". I am a fan of the Chucky films, I think "Bride of Chucky" was a genius take on a horror comedy, but this installment was trying to reignite something that wasn't going to work. This type of film has had it's day. The creepy slasher type film with dolls is so 1980's..........Have a look, there is quite a few doll killing films from the 80's, it wasn't just chucky.

Are you scared of Dolls? Well Yes, especially if they come to life, but fuck if anything inanimate comes to life I would shit my pants simple as that.
It's a shame this was the last horror film I watched, as I wasn't very impressed nor bothered by it so I can't really write enough about it to make for an insightful read. I mean, I could have lied and simply made up a film I had watched last but that would be untruthful and I am a man who likes to tell the truth in my I had already written too much to delete now, so this will have to do I suppose.

So, there you go..................Go watch "Bride of Chucky" it's actually really good.
Until next time on #FridayFright when we will answer : What was the First Horror film you watched.....
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  1. I was disappointed with curse of chucky too!! I loved bride so much that I think it gave me high expectations! Christmas tho that is an insane amount of time to go without horror films x

    1. I've not watched this one. Bride of chucky put me off. O agree. If anything inanimate comes to life I'm scared x

    2. Yeah I Loved Bride and thought Seed was Ok, but this was a bit "meh"
      It surprised me how long I hadn't seen a Horror film too. NEED to sort that out i think

      and ANYTHING that moves that shouldn't i scary ahah

    3. Woop almost time for another one x

  2. The Next Post will be "The FIRST Horror Film you watched!...."