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He Who Dares Special

He Who Dares is a British Action Film and we discuss it in the podcast/blog. with help from interviews with Simon Phillips and Zara Phythian

If you are a long time listener/reader of the podcast/blog then you will be aware of a Director named "Paul Tanter" as well as Actor/Producer "Simon Phillips". In the past I have been a big supporter of their projects including "White Collar Hooligan 1 and 2", "Essex Boys: Retribution" and "Riot" (Formerly G.B.H). 

Out NOW on DVD and Blu Ray! Check it out!
Their newest release "He Who Dares" is OUT NOW to buy on DVD and Blu Ray and myself and co host Ash had the privilege to catch a screening of it last week with the cast and crew in London. The whole in depth analysis of the nights antics can be heard in the latest episode of #NOTlistening Podcast | Ep.128 - He Who Dares Special | where we get to chat with Actor/Producer Simon Phillips and Actress/BadAss Zara Phythian. So Press Play! Keep reading and press play!
Also you'll be able to hear all about our night in London, where I nearly got kidney damage from holding my wee in too long!........Trust me press play and hear all about how I nearly died! and then ended up walking home in my socks!......It's a comedy podcast remember.

There are plenty of deaths in this movie. Don't expect the bad guys to go easy on anybody
So, what is "He Who Dares"? Well it's a British Action film! yes you heard that correct, a British Action film in the same realms of "The Raid" and "Die Hard" ........Well that is what the poster says and I thoroughly agree with that. I would add similar veins as "Man on Fire" in it's editing style and many other Tony Scott-esque films in fact. Paul Tanter really is becoming a truly brilliant filmmaker. 
Here is a quick synopsis of the film:

On Christmas Eve a group of ruthless masked terrorists kidnap the Prime Ministers daughter, fortifying themselves in an underground car park rigged with explosives. Crack SAS operative Chris Lowe and his team are sent in and must take the building one level at a time.

So there you go. This film was simply action from the get go. The ruthless and extremely witty Holt, effortlessly played by Simon Phillips, is the film stealer from his epically villainous introduction. His entrance is one straight out of a James Bond film and his evil, Alan Rickman-esque terrorist persona is a joy to watch. Each line of dialogue and action is played to perfection.
We had a great chat with Simon in the podcast, so click play now to hear what he thought of the film as well as his future projects of about 1000 films!

The beginning starts with a bang! and that bang indicates many people who had a part in the movie, get to go home early if you know what I mean (sorry Nalan . But you nearly got away! :-( ). The Prime Minister's daughter Alice, played brilliantly by Christina Bellavia, is taken by the gang and it's then down to the Police and SAS to get her back.

If this was an episode of #TOWIE I would definitely tune in to see the massacre!
Why the Mask? Well, these terrorists have ALL bases covered! Plus they look pretty bad arse!
I won't go into plot details as I am sure you would want to watch the film yourself. The film showcases some extremely impressive action performances. SAS operative and hero of the film Chris, played by Tom Benedict Knight, stands out as the pretty reckless, never playing by the rules Action Hero who will do anything to get the Prime Minister's daughter "back in time for Christmas" and he will not quit, I can assure you of that. It's the usual prototype of an action hero we usually see in the Hollywood blockbusters and it's nice to see a homegrown actor take on that role. This is the role that would usually be taken up by the likes of Jason Statham and Tom Benedict Knight proves his worth here. 

"I don't play by the rules, I play by my own rules, and those rules I tend to not play by, because I don't play the rules"
The New Security system on the mazda was proving well worth it
The Fight scenes and Action set pieces are superbly shot, choreographed and edited so big props go out to Paul Tanter, cinematographer Haider Zafer and everyone involved in the editing. The fighting choreography from Jude Poyer really makes this film stand out with some great "Martial Arts Inspired Movie" set ups. This is where Zara Pythian comes in!

You hit like a Girl!......and it fucking hurts!
Zara is one mean mutha.... in this film and really kicks some arse with her background in Martial Arts. She brings this menacing presence to the screen as well as this feisty exterior! let me put it this way, after the screening I was too intimidated to go and say hello in case she got me in a headlock and threw me across the bar.....some may say that's a dream, but I had work the next day and didn't want to wake up in hospital. 
I managed to feel less intimidated of Zara after we chatted in the podcast, what do you mean you still haven't pressed play?. Zara was a great person to have on the show and I really look forward to seeing what she does next. She is beautiful, Athletic and can kick some serious arse!
Forget Gal Gadot as the next Wonder Woman, Sign up Zara!

Gal Who??
Zara needs to be signed up for the Justice League Movie
Great performances all round too. From Ben Lloyd Holmes and Daniel Caren playing SAS operatives to Kye Loren as a fellow bad guy and Rebecca Ferdinando as Chris's very loyal love interest. I'll just say Chris must love his job a shed load to constantly rush out to save the day, leaving Rebecca's "Libby" at home, a lot of guys would struggle to do that so quickly I think.

The script was a real winner for me, in particular Holt's dialogue which was zinger after zinger. One in particular that had me in stitches was, just after shooting somebody asking a fellow terrorist
"Can you do me a favour and finish him, I thought he'd die instantly" delivered brilliantly. 
The character of Holt is without a doubt the star of the film, even though Chris is the protagonist, it's the role of the antagonist that really drives the story forward in my opinion.

Bearded Terrorists are so 1980's. I am bringing it back! 
I'll shoot him because he looks like he should be in One Direction! 
I am no film reviewer, nor do I pretend to be, but I know what I like and this is a film that did exactly what it set out to do. An independent British Action film that sets out to entertain you from start to finish. A huge triumph in the "Paul Tanter" CV and really wets my appetite for his future projects including "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood" and Simon Phillips second directorial venture "The Last Scout"

If you had a beard, then the terrorists wouldn't have kidnapped you!
So, do you fancy settling down on a Friday night and watching a no nonsense British Action film that really hits full throttle from the start? well I need say no more. 
Go check it out! else Zara Phythian might find you and she WILL hurt you!......................that's suppose to be a threat, not an invitation!

Oh also you get to see fellow #NOTlistening Podcast alumni Rita Ramnani dressed as an Elf! Now, who doesn't want to see that?

Sexiest Elf since that Elf lady from Home Alone (1990) #Fact


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