Tuesday, 1 April 2014


How I Blogged about your Mother

Finally after nine long seasons Ted got to the end of his story! I for one am sad to see this show go.

*There are NO SPOILERS attached to this Post regarding the show*

It has taken well over nine years to finally get to the end of story, but March 31st 2014 (in the US at least) marked the end of the tv show "How I Met Your Mother" and the answer to the question of 'How Ted met the mother of his kids' and I for one am sad to see this show go.

For nine seasons future Ted has kept his kids stuck to the couch so he can tell them a long winded story of how he met their mother whilst also talking about the women he actually slept with way before he actually met the mother. Infact the first eight seasons of the show was pretty much Ted boasting about all these women he had fucked and nearly married before he settled down and had children and got married for real. He even told stories of himself getting completely drunk and doing stupid stuff with his friends and even telling them their stories. To be honest I think future Ted is having a breakdown and complaining to the kids that they and their mother ruined his happy sitcom like life! Imagine an alternate ending when future Ted simply ends with
"And kids, that was how I met your mother.......and ruined my fucking life!" 
who knows?! maybe he is telling this story to the kids because the mother is a giant arsehole and he's simply warning them not to marry a complete twat in the future...........It's NOT, but just imagine for a second......that'd be a brave television decision.

Anyway, I have been a massive fan of #HIMYM since it's beginning, although I binge watched seasons 1-3 over the course of a week years ago and have kept up ever since. #HIMYM kind of filled that void "Friends" left. A Funny, easy to watch sitcom that has great characters you enjoy watching.
The whole premise and style of #HIMYM has always appealed to me. It is a quirky and almost surreal way of structuring a narrative that allows them clever timeline devices. This pretty much hit win for me, because I love a tv show that seems open to something different and is quite clever with how it structures the seasons.
Season nine had a very brave idea of setting the entire season over the course of a weekend. It was extremely brave and far fetched, but that is where #HIMYM wins it's appeal as it isn't afraid to try and do something different. The ninth season didn't always work with each episode being nearly slapstick/parodying themselves and the concept of time, but it sure did make it fresh and exciting and also give them an opportunity to tie up loose ends and bring back old faces into random situations.

I am personally sad this show will be ending, but I am glad it is actually having a proper ending. I have followed this show for the past nine years and have become a big fan of the writers and the way they tell a story. I have actually become quite sentimental along the way and some of the key stories in the show have been dealt with really well (eg. Marshall's dad dying episode and the countdown device to the bad news was genius and pretty heartbreaking). 

So to mark the end of one of my favorite sitcoms of all time I will give you 10 reasons why "How I Met Your Mother" needs to be seen

1. It's the only TV Show where you can see a Dad tell his kids how many women he has fucked in his life and still call it a family show

2. Alyson Hannigan is NOT annoying in her role as Lilly. Nor does she speak with an annoying pitchy sound......Just about

3. Cobie Smulders looks mega fit! Especially in the first 4 seasons! 

4. This show will make you "Go to the Mall......Today" 

5. Jason Segal brings some brilliant improvised dialogue to some of his characters traits.

6. You would never believe Neil Patrick Harris is actually Gay in real life.

7. It's a show where the main characters get drunk and it's never really considered a major problem. As opposed to many other US sitcoms like "Friends" where drinking alcohol was almost used as a plot point for an after school special.

8. Cobie Smulders looks mega fit! even as Robin Sparkles

9. The Show likes to reference 80's pop culture brilliantly! You will never watch The Karate Kid with the same mindset of who the good guy is, again. #SweepTheLeg


10. This show is Legend-------wait for it---------dary!

So there you go! Now the show is over, you have no reason not to seek it out and watch it all! It's a show that sounds like "Friends", looks like "Friends, almost IS "Friends" but isn't actually "Friends"............Ok, it's "Friends" but set in a bar instead of a coffee shop.

What do you think of #HIMYM? Are you a fan? What are your favorite moments? Are a #HIMYM virgin?
Let me know.

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  1. I remember the outrage when it came out because it was almost a replacement for Friends but after watching it, I was like, DAMN this is actually funny! Little bit gutted that someone wrote the ending on Facebook and I just read it. Boo.
    These Days are Fast

    1. I havent seen the finale yet, so purposely steered clear of any spoilers! ha I LOVE the show. it's so well written

  2. I will miss the show, but it had a good run and gave me plenty to laugh about over the years :)