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Spoils of Thrones

SPOILERS!! Don't tell me anything! Shut down the internet! I haven't caught up yet!! The Problem with spoilers is that it holds so much social anger!

"SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS!" The age old saying you hear constantly nowadays. You can't go onto the internet anytime after major TV show has aired or the weekend of a New Twist filled film released because you have a chance of stumbling across the dreaded "SPOILERS!"

In the recent Episode of The #NOTlistening Podcast | Ep.129 - Spoils of Thrones | we have a discussion about spoilers and how long you must wait until you can discuss a certain TV/Film in much detail. I focus mainly on a recent episode of Fantasy, semi-pornographic, show "Game of Thrones". In said episode a certain someone had something done to him and he did a certain thing whilst certain people watched him do such a thing and we all at home watched on cheering on the thing that he did and happened because we wanted it to happen and it pleased us all.

Now, I don't like spoiling things for people, but I also don't want to spend my life having to speak in code as to not ruin a certain part of a show to somebody, who will then get the major hump and cry as if I have just punched their mum in the face and kicked their cat. People get really irate and upset if you mention anything about the previous nights TV episode.

"Hey Jon, did you see "Game of Thrones" last night?"
"Oh, Yeah mate, how awesome was..."
*Strange appears out of nowhere*
"NO!!!! I haven't seen it yet! SHUSH!"
"Who the fuck are you?"

I have come to the conclusion that spoilers are separated into TWO sections.

A Plot spoiler is something that talks about a certain part of a show that consists in the current structure of narrative. Know what I mean? Well What I am saying is, you can't really spoil a plot element as it is their to simply push the story onwards. If you watch a serial like "Eastenders" and somebody dies, and you tell somebody who hasn't seen that episode is NOT a major issue as it is simply something that couldn't have been kept secret for long as the rest of the story will have to revolve around it.

A Twist spoiler is worse. This is something NOBODY should spoil as it is usually used as a plot device in the story that is made to be found out whilst watching. A twist is there to surprise you and not allow you prior knowledge before going in. In the film "The Sixth Sense" telling everyone that Bruce Willis is actually a Ghost, would be spoiling it for you.......Oh come on! That film is 15 years old! Keep up!

Now, how long can you leave it before being open and talking about possible spoilers? For a weekly serial show? maybe a few days? A Film? maybe once it's been on DVD? Who knows?! With films and tv shows being available on demand, people don't keep up with one another and we all end up watching shows at different paces causing the whole problem.

So what is my stance on Spoilers? Well, If it's a Twist Spoiler, then you won't hear me discuss it unless the film is over 5 years old or I know 100% the person I am talking to doesn't want to find out. If it is a PLOT twist then I am happy to talk about it but give out the clear sign "SPOILERS!" and continue. 
I am NOT waiting for people to catch up on shows. It's a free country god damnit!

Anyway. What do you think about Spoilers? Do you spoil TV and Films accidentally or do you simply not care.
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