Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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Films of your life: JIG from Zombie Life Podcast

In this #FOYL post fellow podcaster Jamie JIG Tuffin talks about shaun and the dead and the neverending story

Films of your life is a series of posts where certain people get a chance to tell us a little about the films that have affected their lives. I have asked people from the Film world, other bloggers and people associated with the Podcasts.

In todays Films of your life #FOYL I asked Jamie"JIG" Tuffen from "The Zombie Life Podcast", which is part of the POD GODS Network.

A Film from your Childhood that sticks with you
The film that sticks with me and will throughout my life, has got to be The Never Ending Story. If i remember rightly, its the first film we had on Tape in our household. We would watch it time and time again….over and over. Along with the goonies (which was the second film we had). But The Never Ending Story will be one of my favourites throughout my life.

A Film that you could watch on a loop
My favourite film of all time has got to be Shaun Of The Dead. Its funny, entertaining, and most of all……it has Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it. What more could you ask for in a film :D I could watch that on loop for the rest of my life. If someone took me hostage and told me for the rest of my life i had to watch 1 film over and over again…..and that i could pick that film….it would have to be Shaun Of The Dead.

A Film that still makes you cry
There's only really ever been one film that makes me cry. Its another one of my favourite films…..and thats Man On  Fire. Its such an action packed film……but its also a very heartwarming film. A film about a man who goes out of his way to find a kidnapped girl…..who then gives his own life for that girls. Very good film. But also very sad :(

A Film you would most like to have been the main character in
Hmmmmmmm. Tough one. I think if i had to pick one film to be the main character in….it would have to be Star Trek. Being Captain Jim Kirk sat on the bridge of The Enterprise! Can’t think of anything better :D

A Film that you love but others hate
Now this is a hard one. The only film that i can think of that not a lot of people liked….but i loved it…was Chronicle. A film about 3 friends that acquired super powers. But one of them goes a little insane with the power he posses and ends up going on a rampage. I loved the whole film from beginning to end. But from what i hear….not a lot of people liked it. The same went with Cloverfield. I love that film but not a lot of other people did for some reason?  That reason will remain a mystery to me.

Thank you Jamie. Check out Jamie and his podcast "The Zombie Life Podcast"

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  1. The Never Ending Story & The Goonies are my childhood films. Love them still to this day! If I had to pick out the two which was my fav, it would have to be the Goonies!