Monday, 26 May 2014

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Films of your life: Actress and Producer Lucinda Rhodes

Actress and Producer Lucinda Rhodes takes part of todays "Films of your life" From The Princess Bride to The Goonies! #FOYL

Films of your life is a series of posts where certain people get a chance to tell us a little about the films that have affected their lives. I have asked people from the Film world, other bloggers and people associated with the Podcasts.
In todays Films of your life #FOYL I asked Actress and Producer Lucinda Rhodes the Q's. Lucinda is a very busy and productive lady at the moment with her time and efforts put behind working hard on her new Production company "Hawken Rhodes" as well as working in front of the camera.

A Film from your Childhood that sticks with you
"The Princess Bride " It was amazing and I watched it a million times and as I got a bit older it was "Shining Through" with Michael Douglas, I'm fascinated with WW2 so I loved it .

A Film that you could watch on a loop
"The Goonies" hands down and maybe "Back to the Future: Part 2"

A Film that still makes you cry.

This is so obvious but "The Notebook" and "Blow" with Johnny Depp.

A Film you would most like to have been the main character in

'Fight Club' Helena Bonham Carter is fabulous always and that role is great for an actress 

A Film that you love but others hate.

Wow the list would be endless "Snake Eyes" "Face Off'" I could go on and on with Nicholas Cage movies.

Thanks Lucinda for taking part in #FOYL. You can catch up with Lucinda on Twitter @LucindaRhodes and @HawkenRhodes. Check her out in "Death Walks" coming soon aswell as other new projects too including "No Reasons"

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