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#FridayFright: So Bad it's Good.....The B Movie that won me over

Another #FridayFright Post. This time "What Bad Horror Film has won you over?"....

So every other Friday will be a #FridayFright post. This series of posts was the brainchild of fellow blogger Kitty who wanted to blog and geek out about Horror films and everything that goes with it. Along with Roxy (and anybody else who wants to join in) we will bring you a post based on the same Question/Topic each time. So after you have read this, check out what they wrote over on their blogs.

Today's #FridayFright posts was a simple question:

"So Bad it's good.....What is the one Horror B-Movie to win you over?"

Ok, some of you are sitting wondering what the hell a B-Movie is, well let me tell you.

A B Movie was originally a movie created on a generally low budget and showcased as a supporting film for the main film at the cinema. Over the years these disappeared and now a B Movie is generally seen as a movie with little or no budget but with the aspirations to be a major Hollywood film. I wouldn't say it's an independent movie, more like a cheaper version of a film that already exists. I could be wrong, but fuck it, lets go with that shall we?

So what B-Movie in the horror genre did I watch that was awfully bad it won me over? well to be honest I have seen some generally awful horror films but not many are standing out in my head right now. 
The most obvious one would be "Troll 2" The best worst movie ever made that has no actual links to the original "Troll" film......and there aren't any trolls in it what-so-ever. 

I suppose the one film that sticks in my head over the years of watching Horror films would have to be 
"Halloween 3: Season of the Witch"

Why this film? Because it the third film in the series of Halloween films, you know the horror franchise with Michael Myers as the bogeyman serial killer who strike fear into anyone he comes across. That is correct a very recognisable figure in the horror genre. The problem is, in the third film, he doesn't appear! The whole film has nothing to do with Michael Myers and decides to focus on a toymaker plotting to kill all the kids in america using Halloween masks.

So it is bad? Yes, it's pretty terrible. The whole idea is so stupid and crazy it is hard to sell to people. The acting is pretty mediocre and OTT. Especially a scene when the main character is shouting down a phone at someone, it's almost Joey Tribbiani school of acting stuff. The whole 80's futuristic vibe is pretty weird too. Robots are actually in this film, I forgot that until just now and I am smiling at the thought of robot humanoids appearing in this film without any actual explanation.

But it won me over? Yes! Why? because I am a sucker for a film that is so far fetched and crazy and actually pretty brave. The whole concept is stupid granted, but the ending is pretty brave for a film. 
*Spoiler- Kids die!* that was quite shocking to me when I watched it. The final 15 minutes was the best part of the film along with the creepy "!0 more days till Halloween" tune played throughout.

This film I watched aged 15, so I wasn't a child who got scared but a teenager who was expecting some kind of 80's Michael Myers Halloween continuation. At first I loved the idea of them trying something different, and to this day I am still repsectful at their bravery, but I felt they kind of missed a trick with this one and was pretty glad they brought Michael back for Halloween 4,5,6,7....99 etc.
This is like having a Transformer movie without any actual Transformers or having a Batman movie and focuses it on Alfred doing the washing up or something.

So, I am giving a mixed opinion on this film. On one hand I am simply saying it's a pretty bad film that I wouldn't recommend, but on the other hand I am saying it actually won me over.....How?...because the whole 80's cheese factor sticks with me. I love the whole Over the top, weird vibe that it has going on. 

I guess what I am saying is "How the hell did this get made?" The bravery of this idea is something to behold. I would loved to have been in that meeting with the producers

"Ok, I have the script ready for Halloween 3"
"Great, how does Michael Kill this time?"
"Oh, nobody. He isn't in this one, he's having a break, instead we have something far more scary"
"What can be more scarier than Michael Myers?"

"A Corporate Toy Maker who wants to kill children using ancient ways and futuristic tools via a Halloween mask"
"Ok, make sure you use creepy music.....and Humanoid Robots"

So there you go. Halloween 3: Season on the Witch is a bad film that kind of won me over.
What do you think? What is yours?
Let me know

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  1. If I'd have known there was robots I might have been more likely to give this a go! This was actually a top seller when I worked in a entertainment store. It was priced at £1 though!

  2. I have not seen this! Looks amaze tho defo gonna have to check it out!