Sunday, 4 May 2014

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Kicking eggs off heads with Zara Phythian

Mixed Martial Arts Multi World Champion and Actress Zara Phythian sits down with the podcast boys and talks about how she loves to kick eggs off peoples heads.......and more!

Zara Phythian NOT Kate Middleton!

Everybody, please meet Zara Phythian (which is pronounced Fifh-ee-an apparently) and take a good look at her. She is beautiful, athletic and could kick sixteen levels of shit out of you without even trying! That's right, she is a Serial Killer!.........No, I am kidding, she is no such thing (Please Zara, remember I was joking....Joking seriously). Zara is infact a multi world champion at mixed Martial Arts, a Hall of Famer in said industry, a Businesswoman who runs her own Kids Martial Arts academies and also an Actress. This lady does it all with bells on!

She could kill you just with a look!
A Photo taken after she heard the last Podcast Episode and heard how badly I butchered her name!

In the latest | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.132 - Kicking eggs off heads with Zara Phythian | myself, Will and Ash sat down via skype and had a lengthy chat with Zara about her life in the world of Martial Arts and now Acting. We had Zara on a few episodes back briefly to discuss her role in the Paul Tanter film "He Who Dares" | Ep.128 - He Who Dares Special | and it dawned on me after the interview that this lady has a pretty dam interesting background. So I did what any decent podcaster would do and asked for a second chat. Luckily Zara wasn't put off by the first podcast and jumped at the chance to sit down and discuss more with us.

She can't actually fly, this photo just makes it look that way.

Doc Martens and a sword? She has just returned from a weekend in Romford

A Possible still from the new Friday the 13th when Zara kicks the shit out of Jason in the first 10 minutes and spends the rest of the movie chilling out.

We chatted about how Zara got into martial arts from a youngster and how show shocked a few people by sticking it out. Zara also discussed how she once held the world record for "kicking the most objects off peoples head in a specific amount of time" which she actually did on a TV Show. Unbeknownst to me, not being a major member of the martial arts comminuty, but Zara is pretty well reknowned and respected within the industry. Zara has even been inducted in the I.K.K Hall of Fame amongst the likes of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Ed Parker to name a few.

She did audition to be the original Yellow Power Ranger! But she was overshadowing the other rangers

A Bikini Shot..........#Nuffsaid

A keen health and fitness advocate. Makes me look like one of those blubbery molluscs at the bottom of the ocean

Obviously it is apparent that Zara is stunningly gorgeous and has this amazing screen presence on screen. When I first saw her in "He Who Dares" I thought "Wow! This lady really fills the screen with her presence" and boy did she?! Mixing in some epically awesome fighting moves she really is the full package. I mean who couldn't see her playing Wonder Woman or even an assassin in a Hollywood movie?!

Her best Kate Middleton impression. Kate Middleton the Action Movie!

She even uses Clapperboards as a weapon

The New Line at M and S! Zara! Action chick

Sweet but deadly!!

So make sure you listen to the podcast and hear in more depth and humour all about Zara and her life as a Fighter, Actress and even a Model who once worse a rubber suit that made her sweat profusely.....No seriously, she talks about it.

Paul Tanter was punched directly in the face seconds after this photo was took him weeks to recover

This is zara signing a contract that means she is not allowed to hurt me EVER

Thanks again to Zara for coming back on the podcast and please check out her website and her Twitter @ZaraPhythian and keep up to date with her projects. She is a determined individual and an extremely entertaining guest who if I am truthfully honest with you, still intimidates me slightly......just don't tell her that. 

Check out the Podcasts if you haven't already. If you like Comedy, Witty discussions about all things entertaining I am sure you will enjoy.
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