Wednesday, 7 May 2014

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#Mashion & #Meauty: The #MetGala Red Carpet 2014

I gave in and did a #Mashion review on the recent #MetGala Event. I slowly descend into madness with this one. No thanks to Kirsten Dunst!

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Ok, This is either highly embarassing or extremely consistant but it has been a whole year since I started doing these kind of stupid Red Carpet reviews. It has been a year since I sat down and saw all these fashion styles being shown off at something called The #MetGala Ball or something pouncey like that.
So after serious debate on whether to continue posting these types of comedic, random and genuinely pointless posts I suddenly got a tweet that gave me the the sign that maybe someone out there actually wants to read them

That is right! Sharon @StargazyEyes is to blame if this post goes south or I genuinely/finally upset somebody because I said the name of a bow wrong or something. So here it goes........

Apparently the theme for this "Gala" was Charles James Couture.....whatever the fuck that is!

Kimyne Westdashian
This is the first Photo I added and I literally laughed for about 15 minutes at the expression on Kayne's face. It's like his Mum has made him go to a dressy place and he is pulling a strop. Look at his little, pudgy face! Look! This made my day. As for Kim......Yeah she's alright I suppoe, it's Kim Kardashian, I have no opinion on her.......something she really hates I bet.

That Lady ever magazine says is a style icon!
Not in this fucking dress she ain't, I don't care how many awards she has won this year! She looks like she's playing the lead in a 5 year old end of year school play

This French beauty looks pretty good if the dress didn't look like it had been eaten by millions of moths. If you are going to have that many holes in your dress then you have to at least slip a nipple or something. Tit for Tat?

No idea
Whoever she is, she looks like she has been drinking a blue slush puppy before walking the red carpet. Nice Dress though, but seriously love wipe your mouth, you're making me feel cold!

The supposed fashion icon of the late nineties thanks to a fictional character that doesn't represent how dull an actress she actually is. As for this dress? I actually quite like it. I really do, it makes her seem less boring and dull.......Only just though

Cara,Rhianna,Stella,Kate and Reese AKA Cara's Angels
I can't judge all these women's fashion because that Cara Delavigne (or whatever her name is) is there and that automatically makes everyone around her cool, hip and exciting. No matter who you are. She is Trendy royalty and I can't say anything bad about anybody that is connected to her in the photo

Emma Stone
Who doesn't love Emma Stone? I mean seriously! She looks great here! Hands down beauty incarnated there. I wanna be mates with Emma, lets go down the pub and share some pork scratchings shall we? I am sure she would love that

That EMO Girl people loved in 2011 and now hates because she is NOT Jennifer Lawrence
The woman without a smile looks pretty dreadful here. Why? because she looks so bored and tired, that it makes me feel bored and tired looking at her. She is a energy drainer! Seriously somebody cheer her up.

Mick Jagger's Daughter
Oi Gemma! Liz Hurley called and she want's her dress from the Four Weddings and Funeral Première in 1994 back!.........Still pretty fit though

Jake Gyhenhaal in a Dress
Now, I have always had a crush on Maggie, and since she cut her hair I suddenly realised how much she looks like her brother Jake! and also Sharon Stone! I want to see them all in the same outfit in the same room and..........had to stop, I was getting a bit excited!

Kirsten Dunst
Possibly the worst actress on the face of the planet! Dead eyes, dead smile, no positive energy surrounding her. She ruined Spider man 1-3, Marie Antoinette and Elzabethtown for me! I have a real problem with Kirsten and I hate that she has the death star on her skirt as it it makes her retro and cool with the geek crowd. NO! Get back to partying with Paris Hilton! Nobody wants you here Dunst!

So there you go! I struggled with this one, simply because I didn't like many of the outfits or the people in the outfits and I try not to let my negative tongue get the better of me.....but seriously Kirsten Dunst can do one..........Anyway! What did you think? Let me know

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  1. Hahaha I love this! You're so right about Kanye, looks like his mum made him go and he really just wants to play out with his friends.

    Not gonna lie though, slightly concerned about the whole Maggie/Jake Gyllenhaal thing!!


    1. ha! Thanks mate!! you seem to be my number one #mashion fan haha :)

  2. Replies
    1. oh god, I didn't have the strength for any more Rita "Budget Rhianna" Ora haha

  3. Thanks for pointing out Kanyes face! I can't take him serious now. I didn't think much of that photo but now I can't stop giggling at it! He looks like he really doesn't want to be there. Bless him!