Sunday, 25 May 2014

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Stag Do's, Bachelor Parties and Gay Bars?!

In this Episode of The #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.135 - Stag with a Rubbish Comedian we discuss stag do's and how playing paintball hungover and hiding behind trees

Stag Do's (or Bachelor Parties for you Americans) seem to be something every man must go on when another member of the male species is getting married! Ladies have those Hen Do's (or Bachelorette Parties for you Americans) which seem to involve lots of drinking and inflatable penises and L plates! But never actually gone on a Hen Party I can't say what actually happens on them. BUT I have been on a Stag Do and seen and heard what happens on many of them.

In the latest Episode of  | The #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.135 - Stag with a Rubbish Comedian | myself and Billy discuss our experiences on certain Stag Do's. In the episode we don't go into detail on what happened on the stag do, but we do discuss Billy having to endure one of the worst comedians of all time whilst on one. And I mention the time I ended up in a Gay Bar with my Dad whilst on a stag do........seriously press play and listen.

So, Stag Do's! What are they good for?....Absolutely nothing in my opinion! I am personally not a fan of those parties where the whole aim of the night/weekend is to get the Groom to be humiliated involving sexual lapdances or anything you wouldn't want your parents to see. I am not a fan of the whole "Last night of Freedom" thing or the "We finally have an excuse to go to a strip club" mentality. Stag Do's of this nature are simply not my bag. When it is my turn to have one, I would rather spend time with my mates getting drunk and having a genuinely fun night that doesn't have to involve humiliation and sexual antics. BUT that is just me, I don't care what others do.

I guess the whole Stag/Bachelor party idea stems from those crazy film antics we have seen over the years. From "The Hangover" to "Bachelor Party" to even "Very Bad Things" we have always seen the idea of a crazy night out, although extremely OTT and almost impossible, quite appealing and leads a lot of drunken minds willing to re-enact them for their friends.

What do YOU think of the whole "Bro" Mentality of a Stag Do/Bachelor Party? have you ever been on a wild one? Do they really exist? Let me know.

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