Thursday, 1 May 2014

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What would Lenka Wood do?

We sat down and watched the trailer to new Petra Bryant film "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood"

The Disappearance of Lenka Wood is a film I have been personally excited about for a few reasons. The First reason being it is a Paul Tanter film in which he wrote and directed and being a massive supporter and fan of Paul's work I am sure this film will be great. The Second reason is down to one lady.......PETRA BRYANT.

Petra has appeared on the podcast before | Click for Ep.117 | and even did the voice of "CatChick" in my Comedy audio series "The Adventures of #Batfella" | Click for Ep.129 |. I met Petra through a mutual friend on twitter after I heard about the cast for upcoming Simon Phillips Sci-Fi film "The Last Scout" and we have been in constant contact ever since. I have kept up to date on her swift progress in the acting world, and believe me, she is going to a very busy lady in the next few years.

This film "The Dissappearance of Lenka Wood" is her first role as the title character and one she says she is extremely proud of and excited about. 
The Film centres around the character Lenka (Petra Bryant) who is kidnapped whilst on holiday with her man Dexter (Mark O'Neal) and it down to him to track down the kidnappers and get her back. With a supporting cast of Simon Phillips, Tom Benedict Knight and Billy Murray, this is sure to be a "Taken"-esque Thriller which packs plenty of punches and twists along the way.

In the latest | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.131 - What would Lenka Wood Do? | Myself and Ash sat down and watched the trailer for a discussion on what we expect to see from this film. In our usual comedic way we tried to envision what is to come from the trailer, which to be fair leaves enough out as to not ruin any suspected twists that I sense are plotted throughout.

I can't wait for this film to be released, if it ever gets a solid release date, and I really hope it does. The British Film Industry is a tough nut to crack and the hard work and dedication that guys like Paul Tanter and Simon Phillips and even Nick Nevern (whose "Hooligan Factory" is going to be Comedy of 2014 #Fact) put in needs to be applauded. I am a massive supporter of the UK film Industry and just by looking a little deeper I have uncovered some gems within the community.

As for Petra, well I am hoping that this is just the beginning for her. Whenever I have spoken to her she has always been open, honest and a genuinely lovely person..........Plus with this film there were glimpses of her wearing next to nothing, so it's win/win I would say, wouldn't you?

Make sure you check out the podcast and watch the trailer. I will keep you updated on the films release date and any future projects from these awesome people.

Check out the Podcasts if you haven't already. If you like Comedy, Witty discussions about all things entertaining I am sure you will enjoy.
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