Sunday, 29 June 2014

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Drop Dead Podcast

#NOTlistening Ep.138 - Drop dead Podcast | In this Episode we look back at the career of the late, great Rik Mayall aswell as discussing Ash's fall into a fire pit.

The #NOTlistening Podcast took a little break recently. Two weeks of no new episodes may not seem like a long time but because of the way we record it was more like Six weeks of no recording. Sometimes taking a break is good for the show as it recharges batteries and gathers some new humorous stories to discuss and topical chat we can tackle.

In | Ep.138 - Drop Dead Podcast | of the #NOTlistening Podcast Myself (Adam), Will and Ash got back behind the mics to discuss what we have been up to in the last month and a bit aswell as finally getting together to chat about and remember the late Rik Mayall.

Obviously being a few weeks late to the party, but the three of us being huge Rik Mayall fans, we still decided to dedicate a huge portion of this episode to discuss the effect this comedy genius had on out lives and it seems that we all held him high in our comedy hearts for different reasons.

It must be a generational thing as Will and Ash, being a slightly bit older than myself, best remembered Rik for his role as "The People's Poet" Rik in "The Young Ones" and as the scene stealing role of Lord Flashheart in "Blackadder II" and "Blackadder Goes Forth". Also his role in the TV Movie "Whoops Apocalypse" was a key factor in being a Rik Mayall fan.

As for myself I mostly remember Rik Mayall from his role as Richard Richard AKA Richie in "Bottom" alongside comedy partner Ade Edmonson. I remember this being the sort of comedy a 11 year old boy would find hilarious and talk about the next day in the playground.
Also the film "Drop Dead Fred" was possibly the one film I watched over and over again as a youngster and to this day can recite some memorable lines from.

Rik Mayall had a style of comedy that was both subtle and openly slapstick. From his witty quips and fast talking to his all out frying pan, hitting in the nuts slapstick, it was hilarious.
Rik Mayall had a great career in my eyes and somebody that left the comedy world too soon, but in doing so helped a few generations learn what was funny. I will always regard Rik Mayall as one of a few comedians that actually taught me what was funny and made me realise what I personally found hilarious.

In the Podcast Episode I said I would find as many Rik Mayall clips on You Tube and post them here, so here they are. Please enjoy, aswell as listening to the podcast episode where we also discuss how Ash fell into a Firepit and suffered some serious burning!.......Oh the Hilarity!


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