Friday, 6 June 2014

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#FridayFright: What Scares you the Most?

Another #FridayFright Post. In this Post I talk about the one Horror film that actually scares me to this day! ......CANDYMAN!

So every other Friday will be a #FridayFright post. This series of posts was the brainchild of fellow blogger Kitty who wanted to blog and geek out about Horror films and everything that goes with it. Along with Roxy Ari and Chloe we will bring you a post based on the same Question/Topic each time. So after you have read this, check out what they wrote over on their blogs.

Today's #FridayFright posts was a simple question:

"CREATURE FEATURE:Who scares you the most?"

Now, being a lover of horror films I seem to be able to watch them without getting scared as such, but still enjoying them. It takes a certain type of film and topic to scare me. Realism is always pretty scary, especially films that seem to involve situations that I can associate with and think "What if that happened to me tomorrow?" It is the same sort of thinking that makes you run up the stairs once you have turned your lights know, just in case somebody is going to chase you up the stairs........You've all done it.......You STILL do it!

So I guess thinking of "something" creature like that scares me would be quite difficult. If you were talking actual "Creatures" from out of space, a lagoon or simply made in a lab then I wouldn't have an answer as I am not scared of them as such.

BUT if we were to say "What kind of supernatural creature" scares me? well then it would be none other than.....


That is right! Mr Tony Todd himself! The Man who wasn't made of candy but instead covered in honey and smothered by bees! The Man who had a hook for a hand that could have caused a dangerous masturbation session if not done with full concentration!
The 1990 Clive Barker masterpiece "Candyman" is a film that stands out as a horror that still chills me to this day. The idea of a mysterious hooked figure that can be summoned by saying his name 5 times has always stuck with me since I watched it.
The Film itself is a great horror from the story to it's musical score but Tony Todd as Candyman and his deep voice and evil looking smirk has always haunted me whenever I stand alone in a car park or in a grubby public toilet.......not that i stand in car parks alone that often......or visit public loos either....especially the kinds like in the film "Candyman".

I can't explain exactly why Candyman scares me the most I just always get this sense of unsettling when I think about the situation he gets you in. The idea of a mysterious man who only you can see stalking you, getting into your head or worse killing you! is pretty dam scary. The idea of someone chasing you and nobody else can see them is pretty terrifying in my eyes.

I remember watching this film when I was about 10-11 years old and to this day I was pretty freaked out by the entire film. The films score is still one of the best and unnerving scores I have heard and the whole dirty. gritty and frankly depressing setting in the slums of a city really gives the idea of Candyman more levels.

Candyman just looks scary! he's tall, sounds scary with his deep husky tones and has a fucking hook for a hand which looks very uncared for, that shit is rusty as fuck!

With the 1990 movie "Candyman" it leaves a very debatable theory of whether Candyman is real. Now I have my own actual theories based on Candyman and whether or not he is actually real or simply in the mind of Helen. I even wrote an entire asignment about it for film studies back at college and was told I was understanding the story very well.........but also told by a few people that I was trying to stop myself getting scared by saying he wasn't real.........I bet nobody says Candyman five times into a mirror........Nah, didn't think so!

So, I don't think I can say much more than that. Candyman scares the fucking shit out of me! #SimpleAsThat

But I suppose if I imagined Candyman as Bored Kayne West?........yeah that makes it a whole lot less scary! #BoredKayneAlwaysCheersMeUp

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  1. eek I was just talking about the candy man the other day! He scared the hell out of meI think the bees coming out of his mouth just did it. To this day he still freaks me out so I wont risk saying his name in the mirror on a dark night haha. I totally ahve a post reserved for him in the future. Awesome post lovely shared on my fb page and twitter too xx

  2. Creepy.