Monday, 2 June 2014

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Introducing the #NOTplaying Podcast - Battlefield Hardline, Halo 5 and more...

Introducing the #NOTplaying Podcast to the #NOTlistening Website. A Video Games centric Podcast

Yes. The name’s changed. We did warn you. So here it is: The first #NOTplaying Podcast. Or the 31st Game DumpCAST, but under a different name. It’s quite similar to the old show, but the intro’s a bit different. You probably get the idea. Unless you’re reading this on - in which case this podcast is entirely new. Except there’s been 30 episodes already. I guess I should shut up really, but before I do I’ll just let you know that if you like playing videogames or wonder why Facebook shelled out $2 billion for a virtual reality company then you might enjoy spending an hour or so listening to us three geeks having a chat over skype. We do it every week, alternating between news round-ups and fairly lengthy discussions about the games we’ve been playing. There’s some talk of covering board games and other tabletop pursuits at some point, but that’s still yet to happen. Anyway, this week’s episode is all about news (link to stories discussed below). We also share our E3 predictions a few weeks ahead of the Los Angeles Convention taking place on June 12th - 14th. Enjoy!

Totalbiscuit News

Valve delays Steam Controller


Youtube to buy Twitch

Samsung Mobile/Android VR

Battlefield Hardline

Star Citizen Dogfight Module - May 29th

Ethan Carter Release Date

Evolve Release Date

Far Cry 4 - Release Date

Halo 5

Division Delayed


CoD - Vietnam Game

Rare Layoffs

Rob @bobiroka
Iain @ebowgb
Patrick @patrickjkay

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