Sunday, 1 June 2014

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Kentucky Fried Podcast! - How Podcasting has served me so far...

How has Podcasting Served me so far? With the release of the latest "Trivia" Based Episode I also look back to what I have learnt and how the podcasting/website has expanded over recent months.

What I love about doing the podcast with Will and Ash is I actually come out of many episodes learning something! Seriously, I actually think after many episodes with these two I am that little bit more cleverer......or just a little less stupid!

In these types of podcast episodes (which we named OI: ODDly Interesting BUT soon this will change to #NOTinteresting! - See what we did there??) Will likes to show off and gather facts and trivia on some obscure topics in the same way Popular BBC 2 show "QI" does. 
In the newest episode| #NOTlistening Ep.136 - Kentucky Fried Podcast | we sat down and unearthed some random facts surrounding:

- Hitler being TIME magazines Man of the Year back in 1938!
- Where the term "JayWalking" Came from
- Why Kentucky Fried Chicken simply became "KFC" a while back.

Being a comedy podcast, we have always liked to keep the format(s) of the show fresh and entertaining. With Myself and Billy the episodes of #NOTlistening are more general chit chat and banter between two best friends. 
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The Adam, Will and Ash Episodes usually have a more rounded structure and involve humorous facts and games to keep each other on our toes. Lots of opinions and open views amongst our different tastes on things.
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I LOVE doing this podcast "The #NOTlistening Podcast" and am happy with the audience we have built over time amongst all the changes and shifts we have made (including Re-Branding). The whole website has slowly integrated with the shows and made the Podcasts more a part of a whole Brand. 

Please continue to explore the website and check out the blog posts which are generally written by me (Adam) and they can expand from TV and Film related nonsense to even some comedic "Fashion" posts which come in the form of "#Mashion and #Meauty" which always does surprisingly well amongst the female demographic of the #NOTlistening audience.
The Website and Brand is constantly evolving and expanding and only recently and over the next few weeks TWO more podcasts will be integrating themselves with the website as part of "The Barker Podcasts Collection" crossover.
The #NOTwatching Podcast (Formerly TV DUMPcast)
The #NOTplaying Podcast (Formerly GAME DUMPcast)
These Two Podcasts, Hosted by Rob Howard and his team of experts(!) have created a great duo of podcasts that focus on TV and Film as well as The Gaming Industry and beyond.

Both Podcasts are part of the Podcasting network I created which can easily be found at Spreaker and are going to continue to promote the whole #NOTlistening brand along with it.

So, Podcasting is a great little venture that has served me pretty well over the last 3 years and in the last 6 months has picked up even more drastically since the whole re-branding.

Whether or not you listen to the podcasts or just read the occasional posts we release, We at appreciate your support and hope to continue with this venture for time to come.

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Just a Token European Podcast with Actress Petra Bryant
In this podcast it was the first of it's kind. I actually got to record a podcast in person with the lovely Petra Bryant. We discuss her upcoming film work and her future career. Petra is possibly the coolest person I know....who is from the Czech Republic....but I have never met a Czech person before, so she wins that mantle by default ;-)

also on the website have been some really popular written articles

#Friday Fright: The First Horror I watched 
In this post I discuss the First Horror film I remember watching that had an impact on me. This is is part of a fortnightly blog collection featuring other bloggers out there. #FridayFright is a Horror Film based series of posts involving films that have affected my life.

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My EXCLUSIVE Chat with Gwyneth Paltrow
This Post is one of the most popular posts I have ever written, simply because of the topic and the confusion over whether it was a real interview or not. Take a look for yourself and see what you think. I had so much fun writing this one.

Check out the Podcasts if you haven't already. If you like Comedy, Witty discussions about all things entertaining I am sure you will enjoy.
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