Monday, 30 June 2014

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The #NOTplaying Podcast #35 - Watch_Dogs Mod, GTA V on Xbox One/PS4/PC & Batman: Arkham Knight for January?

Call us superficial, but when we’re promised a certain level of visual fidelity and shown a game actually working and looking as it does 2 years out from release, and we have hardware capable enough to run it, you have to forgive us for being a bit miffed when the final product turns out to be so obviously downgraded. Such has been the story of Watch_Dogs and likely a great many other games to be released this generation. In this episode we attempt to get to the bottom of why this is happening and how the community is responding. We also stop our bleating long enough to discuss some of the actual news that’s happened since E3 wound down...

Watchdogs/The Division Graphics

GTAV on PC/Next Gen looks SO MUCH BETTER!

Batman in January?

Areal - STALKER Successor on Kickstarter???

Crytek UK Trouble




Ready Player One - Movie News!

Oculus buys Xbox 360 Controller designers

Unity optimised for PS4

PS3 titles to being steaming on PSNow

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