Monday, 28 July 2014

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1940's Wonder Woman reacts to the NEW Wonder Woman Outfit

What does 1940's Wonder Woman think of Modern Day Wonder Woman?

So, recently, the new look Wonder Woman outfit was unveiled to thousands of sweaty, over excited and horny geeks at San Diego Comic Con. In the upcoming "Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice" Gal Gadot holds the responsibility of bring this much loved and well known comic book hero to life on the big screen.
Some People have moaned about the outfit, which is hilarious to hear fat, bearded men (much like myself) get irate over fashion.

I think there is only one person who is entitled to have an opinion on the latest outfit.......The Original 1940's Wonder Woman!

So with the power of blogging, time travellings, the ability to talk to a fictional 2D cartoon drawing and a very small amount of imagination plus mind altering substances, Here is what 1940's Diana AKA Wonder Woman had to say about the new outfit.

  • Oh dear, there seems to be a lot of womanly flesh on show here. Please grab a coat dear, you'll catch a cold. Wonder Women never catch colds, they cause sneezing and snotting and they in turn ruin the flawless make up we always have.
  • I sure hope you are wearing big hot pants underneath that very tiny and raggedy excuse of a skirt. A Woman of wonder doesn't show her lasso off so easily. You are not Catwoman, that slut shows far too much puss.
  • Now what is with the dark moody colours? Women of Wonder are meant to be bright and colourful. Reds, Whites and Blue are perfect colours to represent your I am sure we have a deal with USA to promote their flag
  • Where are the sparkles? I see not sparkles young lady. A Wonder Woman without sparkles is like Captain America without his shield or Superman without his underwear over his suit. Grab some sparkles girl and liven this get up right now. Sparkly pants are always in fashion.
  • Why are you standing so close to this volcano or erupting thing? Wonder Woman doesn't play with fire. she defeats everything with Love and compassion. This is not a suitable place for a Wonder Woman to stand and pout. This is such an instagram pose........I don't even know what instagram is....I am from the 1940's.....but it looks like it belongs there.
  • Is that a sword in your hand? Dear lord, put that down before you hurt somebody. Go grab the Lasso of Truth and be a lady for once. Dam, children and their toys
  • Why aren't you smiling? A Woman of Wonder never frowns. Put that wonder smile to good use. You are a lady for crying out loud.
  • What is with these Hooker Boots? You'll never catch villians in those. The only thing you'll catch is a baby....after all the men you will end up sleeping with because they will think you are a whore......a Whore in Hooker boots......Replace them with knee length boots right this minute.
  • Please cover yourself up! This is not Playboy! You should be ashamed of hussy!
So There you go. A Few comments made by the original Wonder Woman from the 1940's. 
What do you think of the Outfit? Do you care? You shouldn't you know, it's just an outfit on a character that will probably be one of many during the films. And even if you have a problem with the outfit, it's not going to change anything, so probably best to just accept it and move on.

Let's all go and complain about the way The Thing looks in the new Fantastic Four. Apparently he ain't rocky enough or some shit.

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