Monday, 7 July 2014

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A Barrage of Weasels

In #NOTlistening Ep.139 - A Barrage of Weasels! it is time for another #NOTinteresting style episode with trivial facts and funniness.

The great thing about doing #NOTinteresting style episodes of the podcast is I genuinely learn something. In between the utter nonsense, trivial facts and Will's dry sense of humour, I actually come away from the episode with a certain amount of knowledge that i didn't have before I pressed record on the recording device thingy ma jiggy.

In the latest | #NOTlistening Ep.139 - A Barrage of Weasels | the three of us sit down and discuss facts regarding Dire Straits and their song inspiration, what a load of weasels might be called, London slang regarding weasels and other stuff I generally didn't know about before we recorded.

Check out this #NOTinteresting style episode of the podcast and enjoy the randomness. 30 Minutes of your life you might be willing to give up.


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