Sunday, 13 July 2014

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A #NOTlistening #Selfie

What is a #NOTlistening #Selfie ? find out here!

I asked some awesome people online to help support the #NOTlistening website and podcasts by doing a #Selfie sign for me. The premise was simple.

- Write a sign saying "I'm @Twitterhandle and I'm #NOTlistening"
- Take a Photo of you holding it up to the camera
- Tweet it to @BarkerPODcasts

Simple as that! I asked a few friends of the podcast and website and they happily obliged. NOW I want YOU to do the same. It doesn't cost anything, nor that it actually mean anything, but it is all a bit of fun to keep the promotion going for the website and podcasts ( and pretty face too )

Join the #NOTlistening #Selfie gang and send over your best duck faces, poses, abuse or anything you can be creative with. 

Here are some of the current #Selfies from some awesome people.