Monday, 21 July 2014

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BBC Three's Rude Boys

BBC Three has some great new pilots for you to watch. Including the brilliant "Rude Boys"

BBC Three, you know that channel that is being placed online only very soon, has some brand new comedy pilots for you to watch. I love comedy and love to see up and coming writers and performers apply their trade to brand new material.
"Comedy Feeds" showcase is every year and lets you watch some pilots that, if received well by the public, could be commissioned for a full series run.

Some of this years entries are very strong. From "In Deep" a comedy about two coppers out of their depth starring Ashley Walters and Adam Deacon to "Jenny Bede: AAA" a parody sketch show from a You Tube sensation who sends up celebs from Miley Cyrus to Mumford and Sons. 

The One Comedy Pilot I was really impressed with was "Rude Boys" starring and co written by Jazzie Zonzolo (Anuvahood) which can only be described as an East End version of "The InBetweeners".


I was made aware of this pilot through up and coming actress Nalan Burgess, a Friend of the podcast and extremely lovely person. She told me about her work on the show and I thought I should give the pilot a look in. 
I really enjoyed the comedy in this show, in particular the interactions of the characters whose banter is pretty spot on and hilarious. I am a massive fan of the banterish comedy just like "The Inbetweeners" and "Men Behaving Badly". "Rude Boys" fits well into the loser-lads bracket. A Story of guys who amongst their friends are the coolest people on earth, but to the outside world, they are proper losers.

The cast are great. Jazzie (Jazzie Zonzolo) is a great lead. His pathetic "rude boy" attitude is a great character trait to use. Bolts (Amir El-Masry) and Sajid (Harman Singh) have some great banter and put downs on each other, especially regarding their religious/ethnic background.

"Your dad worked in a Kebab shop"
"yeah, cooking for terrorists" 

is just one of some very witty back and forths. The character of Webby (Ethan Lawrence) was one that made me crack up. The idiot, the fool, the ultimate comic releif pays off brilliantly. Webby reminds me of a friend I know and that made the whole character set up even better.

Yes the show has some very basic and familar set ups and does resemble the formulaic situations that many sitcoms do, but thats not to say it isn't clever with the comedy. It's not too ambitious but the characters fit the surroundings of East London. The writing is snappy and pretty funny, so for a comedy that's a good thing surely.

I was able to talk to the lovely Nalan, who plays Bolts gorgeous sister Yaz, and she told me alitte about her role on "Rude Boys" she said 

"I was put up for the role by my agent Nancy Hudson. I was down to the last two, at the recall and then offered the role. It was brilliant working with all the guys on set, we had a read through, then a couple of days rehearsal and shot the following week. I've never had so much fun on a set or got on so well with a TV/film cast. 

They are Naturally funny guys, even the crew didn't mind us having a laugh whilst on set, and even joined in! We've since been on trips to Nandos as well as a weekend of shenanigans in Birmingham. We'd love to carry on working with each other for a series. 
I think the originality of Rude Boys gives a true representation of the ethnic mix in London. Every one of us in the cast are friends with people from multiple backgrounds, and it's not often you see that on TV. I think it will mostly appeal to teenagers and young people internationally, without alienating an adult audience too"

The future of the show pretty much lies in the hands of the public. If the can gather some great buzz and feedback then I am sure Nalan can continue her Nando's trips with the guys.

Check it out and see what you think.

Thanks for the Support Nalan! 

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