Sunday, 13 July 2014

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Films of Your Life: A Lot of Lost Waffle (LOST EPISODE)

Finally we released the LOST episode of The #NOTlistening Podcast. In this Episode we asked Co Host Will what his #FOYL were. From Obscure BBC films to The Blues Brothers.

In the latest #NOTlistening Podcast | Ep.140 - A Lot of Lost waffle | we FINALLY decided to air the final podcasters centric #FOYL episode. The original episode was sort of "lost" for months and I kept forgetting to release it, because we had lots of other episodes ready to go out, then we had the re-branding and this episode just simply stayed stuck on my computer to gather dust.
So, finally here is the "Films of your Life" choices from co-host Will. Recorded back in March 2014.

Films of your life is a series of posts where certain people get a chance to tell us a little about the films that have affected their lives. I have asked people from the Film world, other bloggers and people associated with the Podcasts.
In todays Films of your life #FOYL we got to ask fellow #NOTlistening podcaster "Will". In Ep.### of The Show we were able to sit down and ask him for his answers. What we recorded was a fun episode featuring some great answers and reasoning for them.

Listen to the PODcast here (Download it!)

A Film from your Childhood that sticks with you
"Spaceballs" is the one film me and my brother watched religiously and remember fondly from our childhood. The jokes stand up still and even Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles" is a childhood classic.

A Film that you could watch on a loop
"V for Vendetta" was going to be one answer but I decided on "The Blues Brothers" as that film is a film I never tire of. The whole film is a joy to watch from the songs to the comedy to the cast. Great film that Adam hasn't seen and that makes him a twat.

A Film that still makes you cry.
"Big Fish" is one of those films I watched when I was going through and already delicate time. My childhood family pet had just died and watching this film on that wave of emotion brought me close. Its a great film about a Father/Son relationship that I am sure hits home with many others.

A Film you would most like to have been the main character in
Nightcrawler from X MEN 2. Having the ability to jump from place to place always appealed to me and pretty awesome. Wolverine was another choice, but the claws coming out look too painful.

A Film that you love but others hate.
Originally "Top Secret" was a film I had chosen, as it is a film not many people like or remember, but during the podcast it changed to an obscure Alan Cummings film called "Bernard and the Genie" an old bbc film that nobody has seem judging by the looks on Adam and Ash's faces.

So There you go. Will with his answers. To get more out of the answers make sure you listen to the Episode of the Podcast as we delve in deeper and have more fun with the choices.


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