Friday, 25 July 2014

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#NOTlistenings Flying Circus (Monty Python Special)

We look back at the Monty Python as their final Live Show in this #NOTlistening Podcast Episode.

"...And Now for something completely different..."
Monty Python RIP! The Legends of comedy bowed out in fashion at London's O2 recently and one of podcasting crew was lucky enough to see it LIVE. Ash managed to get tickets and be part of the thousands of punters who enjoyed the Python crews final ever performances.....EVER!

In | The #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.142 - #NOTlistenings Flying Circus | we sit down and chatted about the genius that are Monty Python. We discussed what the LIVE stage show was like, talked about Will's early memories of watching "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" and being able to recite the sketches word for word.
Don't you hate people that can recite things word for word, especially as you are watching said show and they treat it as a chance to impress you with a running commentary and it's not's mildly stop it!.....thank you.

In the podcast episode, which I hope you are listening to right now!.......No? Download it here NOW!.....Got it? Good.......anyway in the episode we even discuss some of the great moments of Python which even included some songs littered with some of the most UN-PC lyrics ever! 
*Warning. The Podcast contains language and songs some people might find offensive.....Especially if you don't understand the context of them*

So to accompany the podcast episode.....PRESS PLAY! .....I have shared some of my favourite Python videos that somebody has (no doubt illegally) uploaded to You Tube.


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