Sunday, 20 July 2014

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Screaming with Lauren Reid aka Scream Queen Lauren

Scream Queen Lauren sits down and chats with me about her life as a You Tuber and Podcaster.

Over the years of podcasting and being a general chatty bastard on social networking, I have met and chatted to some great, entertaining and interesting people. Some have been in an industry that needs support from people like myself and some are simply people who do the same sort of bloggy/podding/chatty stuff that I do

*  Bloggy/Podding/Chatty stuff is a technical term us writey/recordy/talky people use
**Writey/recordy/talky is an official name us Creatist.......Oh you get the fucking point

Anyway, for the latest #NOTlistening Podcast Episode | Ep.141 - Screaming with Lauren | I was able to get a good online friend of mine, and fellow podcaster, Lauren Reid to have a quick Google Hangout chat with me and have a little chin wag about her creative ventures.

Lauren is actually an avid You Tuber and does weekly videos and vlogs that range from talking about "Horror" films, What is going on in her life, rants and raves about certain subjects and generally anything she fancies being creative and vocal about - She records it!.

I met Lauren via another great podcaster and general all round social media hound Stu Bannerman from The "From Page2Screen" media empire! This guy does podcasts and runs a website that dedicates a lot of his time to supporting UK film! This guy does the whole support thing ten times better than I do. Me and him can both be a screening of an Independent UK film and we'd both approach it differently.
Stuart would get involved with the cast and crew and really get to know how the film was made, the aspects of the film making process, understand the cast and crews future and past projects.....whereas I would go and get drunk, watch the film, chat to Rita Ramnani, drink some more, stumble home on the last train home, wake up with a hangover, go to work, get home and record a podcast talking about how I went to a film screening and needed to piss for 90 minutes.

That is not to say I am not supporting these talented people, it's just I am simply a fool when allowed out in public. Stuart takes this on with a more mature and professional approach.....and I both admire and respect him for that.

Anyway, back to Lauren. I met her through Stuart as she does the "From Page2Scream" Podcast with him and Stu Miller. The show is "Horror" Film based and Lauren gets to geek out about her dark, dark side which is frankly a joy to hear.
A Side note about that Podcast and Stu Miller........This guy has been watching horror films since he was sperm!........Just thought I would let you know that.

I love chatting to people like Lauren. She is a young girl with a wise and mature head on her shoulders. She seems to have a very very open view of the world and really respects and appreciates the uniqueness of people out there. Her video's are very entertaining and she is a naturally warm person.
During the podcast.....which I fucking hope you have either downloaded HERE or pressed play on the player..........we had a great chat about her psychopathic tendencies...........Just listen, you'll understand.

Anyway, I could natter away and big up this online friend of mine but Just listen to the podcast and watch her videos.

Stay on her Good side too.........


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