Monday, 14 July 2014

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The #NOTplaying Podcast #37 - Alien: Isolation, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Google's Cardboard VR!

E3 is but a distant memory, the Steam Summer Sale has been and gone and while there aren’t any major releases coming out for the next 2 or 3 months, that’s not going to stop publishers trying to make you part with your cash upfront while you don’t have any games to buy right now. Or so it would seem in the case of Alien: Isolation, which offers the tantalising opportunity of reliving the horror of the original Alien Movie - with the original cast providing voice-over - to those willing to put their confidence in the game so far out from release, even though the publisher seemingly doesn’t have enough confidence in it themselves to provide native VR support on day 1 or to sell it on it’s own merit even… anyway, that’s probably the biggest story we have this week, what with the summer drought being in full swing. There’s a bit of hardware/VR news though and we look at how the PS4/Xbox One Exclusives situation is panning out in the interest of having anything at all else to talk about… Enjoy!

Google Cardboard VR

DK2 Unboxing

DK2 suspended in China

Galaxy Note 4

PS4 not doing well at home

No VR Support for Alien

RUMOUR: Fallout 4 at Gamescom?

Dragon Age Q&A

New Blezinkski Outfit

Crytek UK woes - continued...

Civ Rev 2

Top 20 Exclusives - Post E3 FACEOFF!


Xbox One

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