Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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The #NOTwatching Podcast #21 - Star Wars: Episode VII - News Roundup!

Unless you’ve been submerged in a Bacta Tank for the past couple of years, you’re probably aware of a new Star Wars Trilogy breaching the outer rim of our Galaxy. Many bothans died to bring you this round-up of all the news, rumour and speculation regarding JJ Abrams eagerly awaited reboot, with the possible exception of Rian Johnson taking over for Episode VIII (and quite possibly beyond), the Kevin Smith set visit and the revelation that they’re filming parts of Episode VII in IMAX. All of this will be discussed next time, but until then, here’s everything we knew up until the point this show was recorded a couple weeks ago… in a galaxy far far way… (Sorry!).

That initial Cast Announcement

Movie Line-up all the way to 2020

Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta for Stand Alone Movie

Force for Change - JJ Abrams Video

TMZ Set Pics

Lupita Nyong’o & Gwendoline Christie join the cast!

Josh Trank for ‘The other’ Stand Alone Movie

JJ Abrams leak

Harrison Ford Injury

and Greedo’s Revenge ;)

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