Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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The #NOTwatching Podcast #22 - Orange is the New Black, Inside Llewyn Davis, Blue Ruin & more!

On this show we dig into a whole bunch of things we’ve been watching over the past couple of months... In TV we take a look at the latest season of Orange is the New Black and AMC’s new period piece, Halt & Catch Fire. We also pay our belated respects to the late great Rik Mayall who will be very sorely missed :( (we recorded this almost a month ago!). Then we talk about a whole bunch of movies, including the sleeper indie smash, Blue Ruin, the Branagh directed (and starring) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Coming of Age hits; The Kings of Summer, The Way, Way Back & Mud, The Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis and Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal’s follow up to Prisoners, Enemy.

Orange is the New Black

Halt & Catch Fire

Rik Mayall RIP

Blue Ruin

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The Kings of Summer

The Way, Way Back


Inside Llewyn Davis


Rob @bobiroka
Iain @ebowgb
Jon @wobblyjon

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