Thursday, 17 July 2014

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White Collar Hooligan 3: Revenge in Rio

Paul Tanter returns with the Third part of his "White Collar Hooligan" series. Coming soon! Watch the Trailer!

If you are a regular listener/reader of the world of #NOTlistening ( or even stuck around since the ODDcast days ) then you would know who Writer/Director Paul Tanter is and are aware of his series of films including "White Collar Hooligan 1 and 2" and "He Who Dares".
Well Paul is back with his latest Screen offering "White Collar Hooligan 3: Revenge in Rio" which picks up after the death of a certain character at the end of WCH2.

The European Artwork

Before you read on Watch the Trailer for "White Collar Hooligan 3: Revenge in Rio"

So SHOCK HORROR!! Mike is dead! Mike (Nick Nevern) seems to have been killed off in a shock (and brave) move from the creators. After killing off Katie (Rita Ramnani) at the end of WCH2, it seems Paul as a writer isn't afraid to make bold and shocking choices with his characters. So with 2 key members of the original two movies gone, what now?
Well, The ever dependable Simon Phillips reprises his role as Eddie and Rising Star Josh Meyers steps in to help find the killer of Mike. This film seems to take the two on a mission across Russia and even ending up in Rio! A very fitting setting considering the World Cup has just dominated our lives.

Obviously, I have only seen the Trailer so I have about as much information as you at the moment, but I am really looking forward to this next instalment in the franchise.
Also reprising their roles from previous movies are Rebecca Ferdinando (The Last Scout, Outside Bet, Get Lucky) who plays "Nicey Pricey" and Vas Blackwood (Lock Stock, Mean Machine) so the connections and narrative is sure to continue and I am sure there are plenty of twists and turns to come.

I await this movie with the idea that we are going to be surprised, shocked and enthralled. Paul Tanter is one of the UK's ever improving film makers and with the help of Simon Phillips and the British talent on screen I am sure this will be another enjoyable Tanter film. I am a fan of his work and I am sure this will be another great film to sit back and enjoy.

Once the film is out, I hope to chat more with some of the guys involved and bring more info to you via a podcast or another article.

The Film is OUT ON 28th JULY 2014. Seek it out!

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