Monday, 4 August 2014

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Be #BodyUNashamed

Be #BodyUNashamed. Simple as that right?

We all look at celebs and even people in the street and judge them. Don't say you never judge people because you do! DEAL WITH IT........Let me continue......We all judge people every day of our life, whether it be out loud to a friend or simply in your inner monologue of your head ( My inner monologue has 3 different voices. they switch between GERALD BUTLER, SETH ROGEN and DANNII MINOGUE.......Yes I am a fucking weirdo ).

Anyway, when I say we judge people and the way we look, we can sometimes judge them in a positive way.....See told you to deal with it........Sometimes we look at a celeb and their body and think/or say 
"Wow, What a body"
"She/He Looks great!" ........When I said She/He I meant either, not an actual transgendered person......although there are some gorgeous people out there who are trans........yes DEAL with it!

So, recently a blogger I have gotten to know via twitter called Penny @Lilliesandlove has started up a #BodyUNashamed project/movement because she is sick and tired of seeing the media use "Body Shaming" as an acceptable way to portray people whether they be in the media or not.
Body Shaming exists amongst both men and women. It can be as simple as a comment such as
"Tulisa's bloated lips look terrible"
"Leo is piling on the pounds on a Beer Gut"

Apparently we live in a world where we have to made to look like perfect models that are usually only "perfected" via airbrushing. If life was as easy as that, then instagram filters would work in real life and everyone would look via Nashville or Walden.

The #BodyUNashamed movement is something I wouldn't usually get involved with, but I totally agree that sometimes us mere mortals struggle to live up to the non-existent expectations of having a perfect body and soul. The idea is to simply, in a nutshell, help and motivate each other in believing and knowing that, even though you may not have the abs of Cameron Diaz or the six pack of David Beckham, you are still an awesome person and there are parts of your body that shine.

As a man hitting his 30's I have actually spent the last 15 years of my life "Overweight" coming across stocky and in many cases bloated! Only recently have I looked at myself hitting 18 stone! (Yes 18!) and thought this has to change. So simple, started eating better and drinking less. After a few weeks I am now 17 stone and continue to lose more in order to make myself happy, nobody my little boy is getting active and need to keep up.
I am happy with who I am, parts of me I would change, I mean all men want to look like Beckham or Bradley Cooper, but again if you strive to be somebody else, you lose who YOU are.

Anyway, #BodyUNashamed gave me another blogger to give my praise to. As part of the movement, one thing you do is compliment a complete stranger who is also part of #BodyUNashamed and remind them that they are simply awesome.

I was given @SuggestDigest somebody who I had never spoken to before. So I had to look at her blog/twitter and find 3 things about her which I find amazing.

1. Now this Young lady doesn't have many actual photos of her online, and to be fair I am just a stranger so I wouldn't expect to find many so easily, but her pic on her blog shows she has a beautiful face. Now, the one problem with a guy having a girl as his #BodyUNashamed pair up is I can easily come across as I am hitting on her. BUT I think she has a beautiful face. It's simple.

2. She wears glasses! Glasses are cool and can make, in my opinion, girls look sexy. Glasses have become more fashionable over the years and this young lady rocks them in her profile pic. Never be afraid to wear glasses if you have to. If you have to wear glasses to see better then do it, regardless of whether you think you look silly, because frankly that's stupid. As a kid I kind of wanted glasses, so I could look like Clark Kent.

3. I know this isn't a "body" compliment but I have read through her tweets and blog posts and love the way she writes. Her writing has great personal flair with it and makes it easier to connect with. I would so, go out and have a drink with this girl and chit chat about dogs and what not. 

So there you go, a post that makes me sound a little bit creepy..............I am not a creep......I swear......Come back

If you want to get involved with the #BodyUNashamed movement then you can! here is Step No.1:

"Be yourself. Love yourself."

You'll NEVER be Jessica Rabbit, so STOP IT! Be YOU!!

What more do you want me to say?

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