Monday, 25 August 2014

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#Mashion & #Meauty: The MTV VMA Red Carpet Review 2014

Another #Mashion post! The MTV VMA Awards 2014! Red Carpet Review!

It's BACK! The #Mashion and #Meauty series that started way back when (Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't) and it somehow evolved into a series of popular "Red Carpet" reviews from recent events.
So last night was the MTV VMA2014 and the stars were out! Let's see what they wore on those plastic, surgery enhanced, walking instagram filter bodies of theirs.

1. Charlie XCX
Love this Girl! Love those  eyebrows! Love that hair! HATE that leopard/tiger thing she's got on! Not a fan of leopard print or anything similar as it reminds me too much of an 80's soap opera and this isn't the way a 20 something should look! Sort it out Charlie! shame on you!

2. Beyonce's Sister who punches people in Lifts
Solanga...Solan....Beyonce's sister from "Bring it on: All or Nothing" Looks like Diana Ross back in the 80's after she tried to escape her boyfriends apartment and could only borrow his clothes. Horrible outift! This is NOT a good start for todays #Mashion

3. Laverne Cox
This is much better! Classy, yet sexy! Good Old "OITNB" Laverne brings some style to the red carpet! Legs on show, bangs and shit, Model pose! Oi Charlie and Beyonces Sister! Take Note! 

 4. That Girl I still don't know who she is, but sings with Iggy Azaela
This is what you get when you cross a sweet disney girl with a dominatrix and DON'T end up with Miley Cyrus! I actually like this, although the boots scare me, as I worry she will pin me down and take my money without rewards!

5. Nicki Minaj!
Gone is the crazy electronic, over the top, extravagant dresses and settling for this snake skin like dress! Massive fan of this girls recent transformation! Suits her! Bang Tidy!

6. Queen Iggy Azela
This girl can do NO WRONG in my eyes! Massive crush on her! She looks classy yet you know she's about the pop out some cray lyrics on yo' ass! Do Dis, Do Dat! I,GG,y! She does resemble the Death Star from Star Wars, but that only make's her more awesome!

7. The Swift
Loving this 70's jumpsuit Taylor has going on here! Even down to the hair! Actually she kind of looks like a boy trying to look like a 70's Glam Rock female!!.......I am so confused right now! But LOVE this! also, No camel toe!...Trust me I have looked! Well done!

8. Miley Cyrus
Has the "twerking Queen" started to dress more appropiately? I don't care what people say but I am simply fascinated by this celebrity creature. She can, in equal measures, annoy the shit out of me and also amaze me with her style and attitude. This one is right down the middle. I love it yet hate it! Why? I don't know, it's Miley! She confuses me

9. Jenny from the Block
WOW! How good does JLO look? Do we still call her JLO? isn't that a bit 1999? anyway! Amazing! Love this! and if I look this good when I am in my 40's then I will have a lot of explaining to do to my friends and family as to why I look like a latino women in her 40's!

10. That girl from that show!
I want to say this Demi Gomez, or Selina Lovato! eitherway I sat here staring at this dress and couldn't decide whether I LOVE it or find it WEIRD. There is something about the whole boobs on show, all shiny skin and leg bombing that is too much for me.....But I ain't complaining....or am I?.....I don't know

11. Somebody Jenner
Another one from the Kardashian family. Looks nice. can't be bothered to discuss her

12. Kim Kardashian
Yeah Kim, spent three hours getting ready tonight and left home without her dress, so borrowed her couch throw. Great boobs though!

13. Another Jenner/Kardashian Thing
Yawn! Model, whatever, bored!

14. Rita PHWOARA!
Finally my opinions on Rita Ora have changed! I now understand what she is all about!....I can't explain what it is, but I now know she oozes awesomeness and I am a massive fan! You go girl! Calvin Harris is a fool!!

15. Solange's Sister
Jay Z's Wife is one of those celebs that everyone creams over......well I ain't one of them! I was always a Michelle Williams fan anyway.......and she was the shit one. I don't GET the whole Beyonce thing......Although she looks nice here.....But she ain't no IGGY!!! BOOOOM! Do Dis! Do Dat!

So there you go! what do you think? do you agree? do you care? What's for dinner?

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  1. I loooove too many of these looks!!! Ariana Grande has gone for the full leather look and I LOVE it I want some high boots now to be honest, && Rita is fierce she always looks hot xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Haha yeah ive slowly become a rita ora fan over time. she's gorgeous