Sunday, 3 August 2014

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Why TUSK is making me proud to be a Podcaster

Kevin Smith is making a film based on a Podcast chat! This is exciting news to ALL podcasters.......Ok maybe just me. Its TUSK!

We have all seen "The Human Centipede" right?....No?....Well we know the whole premise right?.....No?....Mad Man decides to surgically connect people together to create a Human-like centipede, simply because he is sick in the head.....No? Not interested? I hear you, I mean it must take a messed up individual to come up an idea like that...........

So, we all Know Kevin Smith right?.....Yeah?....The Guy who made "Clerks" "Dogma" "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and even "Jersey Girl".....Yeah, that's it, the funny guy who does podcasts.......Well he is making a film where a Mad Man decides to surgically turn a Man into a Walrus.............Yes, you read that right!
TUSK is the latest Kevin Smith film, and there's no Snootchie Bootchies in sight. Why not watch the Trailer below and be blown away by this concept.

Looks pretty cool, huh? In | #NOTlistening Ep.143 - TUSK #WalrusYES | myself and Billy sat down and watched the trailer that led to a discussion on how Kevin Smith managed to come up with a messed up idea for a film. Take a Listen now and hear in depth what we said

If you are a podcast fan, and especially if you listen to Smodcast, you might be aware that this film is possibly ( I say possibly because I haven't been bothered to doubt check) the FIRST film that was entirely concieved from a Podcast discussion. This film could read at the start, instead of "Based on the Book/Play/TV Series", of the movie 
"Based on a Podcast Episode"

As a Podcaster this fills me with glee!....yeah I said Glee! Big Whoop wanna fight about it?.....This is like watching a film that was shot at a location you have been to. How many times have you watched a film and been "Oh My God! I've been there! Scarlett Johanson is standing in the exact spot I stood in!".......No, just me?.......Shut up! I bet you all do it without realising.
Because this film is based on a podcast chat it kind of makes myself, a fellow podcaster......PRESS PLAY DAMMIT...thank you, it makes my feel like I am part of something that is slowly reaching new levels. Will this mean I will move along with them? Maybe not, but it's nice the term "podcast" is slowly becoming recognisable to more people.

Also stars Hayley Joel Osment!! #WHOOOO! 
I personally can't wait to see this film. Being a Big Kevin Smith fan anyway it's obvious I will be supporting his projects, but THIS one in particular has me excited for many reasons.

Anyway, Watch the Trailer, Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think......of both the trailer and my dam podcast!........I'd love to hear from you.

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