Thursday, 11 September 2014

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Ewok Babble - On!

Back in July I went to see Kevin Smith LIVE an recorded a podcast....after seeing him! #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.144

I have been a bit rubbish recently in updating the podcast desciptions on here, so even though the episodes have been released a while, I thought it was about time I managed to move them over to here for you

Anway, it's been a busy summer and it has now come to a close! The Sun is disappearing and Autumn is on the horizon......I don't know what that has to do with this podcast episode to be honest....I guess I am trying to explain why The #NOTlistening podcast updates on here have been missing.......Oh i don't actually care.

Back in July I managed to score tickets to go and see one of my "Film" and "Podcast" idols Mr Kevin Smith LIVE in London with a few mates. We were able to go to The Hammersmith Apollo (or whatever it is called nowadays) and watch 2 LIVE shows of his podcasts. 
First up we got to see "Hollywood Babble-On" LIVE with the hilarious Ralph Garman. We were able be a part of the crowd that called Justin Beiber a massive "C**T"! That was a joy to get involved with.
Afterwards we were treated to a screening of the Animation Movie "jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie" and also a Q and A with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes himself.

In | #NOTlistening Ep.144 - Ewok Babble On | Myself and Ash discuss our time in London as well as veering off into an in depth discussion about the upcoming Star Wars film Ep VII, which Kevin Smith himself was able to visit the set of.
In this Podcast Episode we even get onto the subject of The Ewoks and I vaguely remember there being a cartoon of them back in the late 80's! Anybody else remember this?

Anyway! Listen to the Show. Press Play! Download it HERE or simply find it on iTunes or Stitcher Blah Blah Blah.

The #NOTlistening Podcast: 

Ep.144 - Ewok Babble-On 

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