Friday, 5 September 2014

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My Chat with.....Emma Watson!!

I managed to meet up with Hollywood Actress Emma Watson recently to discuss a worthy cause close to her heart.

On the website I like to try and create content that appeals to all types of people. With the Podcasts I know I am aiming for the people who....well, lets face it, it's the people who enjoy hearing me and the gang talk utter rubbish in order to possibly give them a sense of betterment in life.....I dunno, maybe that is true.
With some of the other content I provide it can reach some other parts of the internet that have no intention what-so-ever to listen to my podcast or radio show, in fact they even point blank refuse to acknowledge that I even have a voice. The #Mashion Posts (which you can read here) seem to capture the imagination of many readers out there, mainly women, and it gave me a voice amongst a waffle of beauty/fashion bloggers.....even though what I was doing wasn't what they were doing.

Anyway, I am rambling and probably most of you have stopped reading. Nevertheless, I have something REALLY exciting for you all! On the back of my extrememley popular and very "Real" interview/chat I did with Hollywood A-Lister Gwyneth Paltrow, I was able to bag another chat with a well known face! I had a chance to sit down and discuss a special cause this young lady was trying to promote. I was about to meet the wonderful "EMMA WATSON" Yes! The Watson herself!

So, On a Sunny Monday morning back in May I managed to make my way down to Epping Forest to meet up with this Hollywood Star. My initial idea was to podcast the chat, but me being hungover from a mates birthday forgot the recording equipment! So I settled for a good old fashioned sit down, wordy chat for you lovely readers out there.

I sat on a bench waiting for Emma to arrive. It was 10am and she was 15 minutes late, which doesn't seem like much but when you are sitting alone on a bench in the middle of Epping Forest on a Monday morning you start to look a little bit creepy. So I did the normal thing and sat staring at my phone pretending to tweet, even though I had no internet reception. Life is terrible without internet reception.

"Sorry Adam, Sorry I am late!" a voice suddenly appears as I look up and see the lovely Emma walking towards me, slightly out of breath.  I stand to greet her and say it's a pleasure to meet her and she gives me a huge hug and in doing so scratches my face with a twig in her hair.

EMMA:  I am very well thank you Adam. I feel as though I must explain my appearance though, I don’t usually have sticks in my hair. I had to do a little detour through a forest on my way here.

She felt the need to explain her wood-like appearance.
EMMA: Some day's I like to stroll through the woods to see if I can catch what I am looking for. You see nature can be beautiful, but sometimes you have to kind of immerse yourself with it, in order to fully see the beauty. 

I had no idea what Emma was saying so I simply smiled and nodded as if I did. She did look beautiful though, taller in person than I imagined and oozing that glow she has in her movies......even though she had a smudge of mud on the side of her face.......I couldn't bring myself to tell her either.......does that make me a terrible person?

So, after a few minutes we finally sat down and I managed to get our chat going, well the chat that involved actual questions and not tedious chit-chat. Sometimes a simple "Hello, how are you?" can be dragged out into a repetitive strain of "yeah good, you?" "not bad, you?" "yeah, tired, you?" and so forth and so forth.

ME: So, thanks for agreeing to talk to me, I know how busy you are, what with your movie career. How is all that going?
EMMA: Well, I have to do a lot of juggling. Not literally - I'm crap at anything requiring physical co-ordination, including dancing. But you know what I mean. I have many things on the go, but it's as if I'm almost allergic to doing nothing. I have to have too much to do or else I get fidgety! I do incredibly long hours, but when I try to take a break I end up thinking up all kinds of silly endeavours

Emma had this excitable energy about her. Constantly smiling and giving full eye contact with every word she says.

ME: That is an impressive work load you have going on. Right, so I am here to talk to you about a very special National Day you are throwing your weight behind. Can you tell me more about this?
EMMA: Oh yes! National Unicorn Day. I came up with this when I was on holiday in France. It occurred to me that so many people are doing these “National Day” things - national elbow day, national biscuit day, national rubber glove day, national toenail day - but nobody gives two hoots about the unicorns. When was the last time you heard anyone talk about the unicorns? They’re all very happy to buy models of them for their kids, or wear stuff with unicorns printed on them, but nobody actively does anything to support them. And I think that unicorns are far more important than biscuits or rubber gloves

Yes!! you read that right. National Unicorn Day! I sat looking at Emma waiting for her to suddenly burst out laughing but she sat there staring at me with utter glee and excitement over this brand new day she wanted to become some kind of patron for.

ME: A National Unicorn Day? Thats a novelty thing right? Like National Talk like a Pirate Day?
EMMA: Novelty?! I Tell you what....

Suddenly the smile dropped! What had I done? Emma went from an excited schoolgirl who had just got front row tickets to a One Direction concert to suddenly looking like a young school girl, welling up because the tickets were in fact for a Wurzels concert instead.

EMMA: I do get upset with attitudes towards unicorns. A unicorn is NOT just a horse-with-a-horn, it’s a beautiful, mystical species. And anyway, when I supported “Talk Like a Pirate Day” it was because I was tricked into it. It was a very embarrassing episode in my life, especially as I had two guest speaking commitments that day. One was at Google in front of 150 people. So I would prefer it if you didn't throw that in my face, thank you!
ME: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit a nerve
EMMA: It's Ok, Anyway, National Unicorn Day is about something very serious; it’s about self-confidence and beating shyness. If a Unicorn can’t even work up the confidence to show himself or herself in public, then what chance does the species have? How will they ever meet each other? How will they Mate? This is how things become extinct. Somebody needs to adopt these poor animals of the wondrous land.

If I was to tell you, this is exactly the way I imagined my interview with one of Hollywoods hottest Acresses to go, then I would be lying so hard my pants would give me third degree burns. What I thought was going to be a simple "You make films, what is that like" kind of chat suddenly become something completely different......and quite raw. Nevertheless, Something bugged me about how upset she was getting over this, so I asked the killer question.......albeit hesitantly.

ME: But, But Unicorns don't they?

Emma gave me a stern look, as if I had just told her she had mud on her face.......she did have mud on her face, but I hadn't told her, and this was the look I imagined she would have if I had actually told her.

EMMA: Adam, Have you not seen Harry Potter?. It's all there!

I didn't know if she was joking, so I laughed a little........Then stopped when I realised she wasn't joking.

ME: Adopting a Unicorn? Is that a thing?
EMMA: Well, admittedly no. None of the people I've emailed have gotten back to me. I tried a particularly well-known breeder of race horses, because I thought if anyone would have contacts, he would, but all he said he had was a flying pig. I wasn't sure I wanted one of those - my garden hedge isn't very tall at all and I’d be worried about maybe crashing into it with my helicopter. So, no adoption luck so far - they seem to be a very elusive creature. I've taken to hunting for one myself, so I tend to pop into the forests and woods when I time permits, just for a pootle about looking for clues. That is why I was running late for this interview.

Emma's enthusiasm was astounding. Maybe I was looking at this whole thing the wrong way. Maybe I am simply being too narrow minded to see things from her point of view and actually embrace the plight these unicorns are desperately in need of. The energy from Emma was extending to me, I actually felt like she could be on to something here.

ME: So How can people get involved with National Unicorn Day?
EMMA: Well I think it’s important for people to check their local forests. Do things to make the unicorns feel secure, more confident. I like to enter the forest wearing my faux-horn; I made it from sparkly white card. You just cut a circle and then make a slit to halfway and roll the cardboard around until it forms a tight cone.

Emma actually got a cone from her handbag and I must say it looked pretty magical. She even put glitter on it, you know to make it look "fancy"

EMMA: Try and make friends slowly with the unicorns, perhaps sing to them gently like the fairies do. If you don’t know authentic fairy song's, then just something plain and inoffensive.......Like Coldplay. Simple stuff like that.

Emma actually sung a verse from the fairies hymn and I must say it was marvellous. I sat watching her perform a rendition of the song for a few moments and it was like watching a Siren call out to missing Boatman in the mystical seas. This chat with Emma was a defining moment in my life. I got to meet somebody who held such enthusiasm in helping bring awareness to the masses. Awareness of something that could easily be discarded as a novelty fad or a simple pointless day.

After several back and forths about other mundane stuff, we parted ways. Emma again, gave me a warm hug and set off again like a dainty flower in the wind off to find a new place to brighten up. I left the interview with a smile and sense of fulfilment in my life. I could go on and help Emma make this day to mean something.....but something in my mind didn't sit right with me.........I felt really bad about something.......Why didn't I tell her about the mud on her face?

I am such a terrible person ;-(

Thank you to Emma for agreeing to meet me and giving me access to this information and allowing me to share this content on my website. Please support her plight by simply tweeting #UnicornDay and helping make this dream a reality.

This day was great, although as I was leaving somebody did stop me and ask me why I was sat on a park bench talking to myself for twenty minutes. I tell you what, people are weird in Epping forrest!

Note: Please understand this entire post know what, NO! I am not going to explain what this post was, because if you can't work it out, by the tone alone, then I am not going to waste my time explaining it to you...........Parody!.....There! Now you know!

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  1. Oooh heck! I love the fact you have celebrity interviews on here. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous ey ;) I will definitely be swinging by now! BOOKMARKED!
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