Tuesday, 2 September 2014

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Social round up #1: Ice Bucket Challenges and Nude pics.

A new series of posts about what I have seen over the last week on social netwoks.

Right, OK this is a little post I thought I would share because I haven't really "blogged" anything recently to accompany the podcasts. I've been a bit rubbish at doing write ups and simply let the podcasts out to out without one. Does it matter? Probably not, but I promised I would do them and have let myself down a bit.
Anyway, that will be sorted and I'll soon get back to doing write up's nobody cares about simply because I promised myself that I'd do them.

I thought I'd write a new series of posts where I throw out my thoughts on the recent things I have come across on the various social networking sites I seem to frequent on. This is a place to let me vent, rant and applaud the things I have seen.

The #IceBucketChallenge! People doing stuff for charity is now apparently a problem for most people on facebook. OK! Yes they have flooded my news feed too, but seriously does it really matter? At least everyone is getting involved in something fun for charity. A sense of community has been raised and people like that.
What? People aren't donating? Well that's none of your fucking business. If people do the challenge but don't donate then that is their choice. Charity isn't supposed to be guilt ridden and goaded. People have a choice. We don't need to take a moral standpoint and point fingers at anybody who doesn't openly show off their wallet.
Get over it. Its a fad! It'll die down. Don't like it? Get off Facebook and read a book!.....or better yet, donate some money to charity!

Those nude leaks! Now I, as a man, would love nothing better than to see Jennifer Lawrence in the buff! I mean many people would. BUT this whole nude leak has put a bad taste in my mouth and I made the conscious decision not to try and find them. This isn't me being a showoff and saying " I'm a better man as I respect women" its simply because sometimes you just don't need to look up everything on the internet. She obviously didn't want them leaked, so I kind of don't want to be part of that crowd that do. on twitter the whole nude leaks took such a high level of conversation on my timeline that many fakes were thrown about. Why fake these? Who spends time faking these pics that are so obviously photoshopped? I was amazed at the guilable people that I follow too as it simply spread about with RTs and #nudeleaks etc that I kind of turned twitter off for the first time in ages.
This week I stopped using the internet because I didn't want to see makes pictures of a celebrity!........either I have grown up and found respect in things or I am now gay! 

I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. I think its a beautiful social network. It looks amazing. But I hate it because I get sucked into simply looking at pictures for hours and nothing else. This week has been pin after pin of Angelina Jolie's wedding dress! I have seem this dress more times than i have seen my own penis! Its unreal how many different versions of shots of one dress can appear online. I have seen the drawings on the dress enough times I reckon I can no go to a cave and draw them on the wall exactly to match them. Don't get me wrong Angelina Jolie is one hell of a woman! But if I have to see that dress one more time I'm going to go insane!

I haven't used this site as much recently as I need to really un follow some blogs. The last time I went on there I saw 3 gifs of one direction doing nothing, 5 videos of Benedict Cumberbatch doing nothing in interviews and 100s of photos of a Latino sex tape! Who the fuck am I following?
Mass un follow coming up!

Couldn't remember my password so simply looked at the home screen and wondered if my first online friend Tom ever got out of his chair.

I prefer to leave most of Jennifer Lawrence to my imagination anyway.....Seriously I am not gay I promise

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